Year: 2007

toile de jouy tiles, ugly home
toile de jouy tiles, ugly home

Visiting Ugly Home today I found out they have a new and renovated website, which looks really cool. I also found these really unique Toile de Jouy tiles along with many others in different colors and designs. Visit Ugly Home to see them and make sure to also check their new wall paper selection.


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kelly wearstle design
gold, glitter, kelly wearstler

Gold is one of my favorite colors when it comes to accessories. It represents glamor better than any other color. Kelly Wearstler, one of my favorite designers, is perhaps the one who uses it best. The top picture shows the Roller Suite designed by Kelly Wearstler in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Below are a few cool gold accessories that I find represent glamor perfectly. Clockwise, silk chiffon dress, Jessica McClintock clutch, cocktail plate stand, artichoke flower shaker, Betsey Johnson necklace, solid gold pen set, Kaleidoscope and alma fortune cup and saucer.


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Sea Grass Grasscloth Wallpaper- interior designer showcases rooms with seagrass wallpaper
Naturally textured wallpaper such as Sea Grass or Grass Cloth, made from plant fibers can add glamor, texture and warmth to a space. It’s also a perfect way to hide those tedious wall imperfections. The fact that there is no pattern to be matched makes installation so much easier. I personally love it in a tropical environment (top second picture). Hang some photos or art and you’ll have a very cozy, warm space (top 1st picture). Below are a few more pictures showing different ways in which natural textured wallpaper can be used.

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With small changes in our homes we can make a dent on Global Warming. Cordless phones consume electricity every second meanwhile corded phones operate on a little bit of energy through the phone line.

Here are a few cool suggestions.

corded phones
Image above from Retro Wow in UK.

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rock house hotel, jamaica via belle vivivir blog

Rock House is one of the best Hotels in Jamaica. “Jamaica’s Rock House hotel is
the ultimate exotic escape. With brilliant sunsets, chic décor and credo of brotherhood and goodwill, it’s the total package.” Gourmet Traveler.

jamaica, rock house hotel
rock house hotel in jamaica
rock house hotel, jamaica via belle vivivir blog
jamaica hotel

christmas decor ideas

With all these gorgeous and easy to do Christmas decorating ideas, there is no excuse
not to bring the spirit of Christmas into our homes. See more inspirational photos at Livingetc.

simple Christmas decorating ideas
Christmas idea
christmas decor ideas via belle vivir blog
Christmas ornaments christmas decor ideas via belle vivir blog