Year: 2008

Just wanted to say that my absence is due to this gorgeous little creature who’s one moth old today. My days have become my nights and my nights are for feeding missions. No complaints. I’m happy more than ever now. I don’t know when I’ll come back on a regular basis but I will. For now, it’s time to enjoy the happiest time in my life with my adorable baby and lovely husband.

A lot of wonderful things are happening to me these days. A blessing baby is on his way and with it the need for a bigger house. So we just purchased a house with this incredible view of New York City in New Jersey. This view is in every floor of the house. This may be the only perfect thing about the house since there are many things to be updated. Walls will come down, kitchen will be completely redone, floors will be refinished. I decided to make it fun and I’ll be posting every milestone.

Here I decided to take down half of the wall so we can appreciate the beautiful view from the kitchen, while leaving some countertop space. The wall behind also will come down.
Here, all cabinets and appliances have been teared down.

Huge thanks to Architectural Digest for featuring one of my pieces in the September issue. It’s an honor to be mentioned in such an important magazine. Things like this make every effort worth it.

Recently I went to Schumacher and fell in love with this adorable, whimsical fabric. Immediately I thought it would be perfect for my baby’s nursery room. This one featured here is in Natural color I would be using this gorgeous Aqua. Below the perfect crib here.

Approximately three months ago while doing my Pilates I felt unusually tired and weak.  Little did I know something extraordinary inside me was forming? Something I always knew I wanted more than anything in the world. Suddenly I started feeling like another person. My favorite things became less interesting, (the computer became my enemy) hence the reason of my lack of posts lately. Sleeping at any time during the day became a necessity and urgency in my daily life. Now, slightly past the first trimester I feel like myself again. My hubby and I are extremely happy and anxious to have her/him in our arms. I imagine the day I see him/her and my heart gets overwhelmed with so much love and expectancy.

Images above Milkos the cow and Boys/girls Romper. Aren’t they adorable?