Month: March 2009

 For the romantic ones there is green, white, pink and tiny pieces of gray.

For the highly energetic ones. Red, black, white and wood. You either love it or hate it.

top left picture from magazine, top right Annekaisafaber. left bottom pict. Jason Loucas right bottom from Annekaisafaber.

All women want or have ever wanted one. Some are lucky enough to reserve an entire room for it, called the dressing or make up room. Regardless of the space you have, either one of these options would look absolutely fabulous. And I am sure that we all look gorgeous in one of these fantastic spaces. Below are a few examples of how to replicate these rooms.

The glamorous room at the top was decorated by Medeline Weinrib. You can get a similar look by using this mirrored vanity from Venfield, a colorful stool, white mirror and some white and blue porcelain and lamp.

This very eclectic room above is from Living etc. Below are a few choices to get this look. The desk/console is from WS, mirror from Ikea, a contrasting chair and chrome lamp.

This room above is from our sadly gone domino Magazine. I love how young and fresh this room is and below is a very good interpretation of it. A classic vanity, skirted stool, a garden stool, a colorful carpet to add some color and a few vanity accessories.

I just love this room designed by Charlotte Moss.

I like to customize everything I buy. Even if it is an Ikea kitchen cabinet. My husband is always asking me why I like to complicate things. Well, it’s not that I like to complicate, it’s just that I think that customized items and furniture are more interesting and special than those we purchase off the shelf. Customization doesn’t always have to be expensive or done by professionals. We can do it ourselves by upgrading little details that can make a huge difference. For example, I like this cozy kitchen corner display (top image) that usually only custom-made cabinets have. But we all can get this look easier than we think. I put together a sample board showing how this can be done. First, you need two or three open cabinets, you can do this by removing the doors. Then, cover the interior of the cabinet with a wood grain wallpaper, install the china plate display that you can get here. This display can be cut to fit any length of open space and it comes in different colors. Add a few hooks from the lower shelf ceiling and hang a few of these very cool cups. Add accessories to decorate and you are all set. Try to incorporate different textures and colors like colorful plates, small porcelain bowls, cast aluminum salt and peper, etc.