Month: July 2009

These two rooms have great elements that make small spaces look chic, beautiful and bigger as well. In the top room, by making an opening in the wall and using it as a fireplace makes the room flow. By adding pieces with shining surfaces, such as the chandelier, a steel table lamp and a mirrored side table, the light reflects across the room. In the bottom picture the island with enough working space brings functionality to the kitchen. Again, the high gloss lacquered cabinets and the stainless steel backsplash are light and movement reflectors as well.



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What a great way of making better use of narrow or awkward spaces. Notice in the bottom picture how the ceiling was customized to frame the beds to define the space better and make the room feel cozier. I love the contrast between the pink fabrics and teak wood in the top picture.

images from Barbara Frua De Angeli and Tom Scheerer.