Month: October 2009

I hope you can find sometime set-aside for yourself this weekend.

I’m a big fan of bathrooms with a fireplace.  I can’t think of a better way to unwind after a hectic day than taking a bath in front of a fire.

top image is from Home & Garden, second from Peter Dunham.

Did you know that, according to Interior design & decoration 6th ed., in Renaissance France (c.1500-1610) the profession of the Decorator was created due to the need of a constant or frequent knowledgeable supervisor capable to use the talent of each artist to the best advantage, to arrange every piece of furniture and position them to best effect. The decorator or ornemaniste was also an engraver who was able to facilitate his client with a vision of a final result through the medium of engraving. The Ornameniste Abbe Jaubert once wrote “To excel in this art, which has been born before our eyes, it is necessary to have a good eye, to have a good knowledge of design, to understand perfectly the merits of each piece of furniture, to show them in their true light, and to create an ensemble that will give pleasing impression”.
No wonder France is been always the Center of the arts.

image from cartoon stock

Kelly Wearstler did it again. This time in a non-predictable beach house she designed for her family. Every item and piece is a sculpture of its own. Many of them custom designed by Wearstler. I know this is not a house that it would be appealing to many people.  One reason I like this house it’s because it exemplifies that not everything is made equal in design.

I absolutely love the inter lacking design of this sculptural staircase. Clever, the way Wearstler made of an often useless space into something stunning. Would you guess this is bleached-walnut?