Year: 2010


One of the things I enjoy the most is when I go through my files looking for inspiration and I find something I had forgotten about, impressing me again and making me sigh. Last night, while searching for rooms with geometric rugs, I came across Laudomia Pucci’s estate located in the hills of Florence and I felt like looking at a home that has been published just recently, even when these images were published in W magazine in 2005. The estate dates back from the Renaissance and the “modern, kicked-back glamour” is my favorite feature of this house because it makes the Renaissance architecture warm and comfortable, two of my all time favorites as well. The earthy tones and red throughout the estate also adds to the overall elegant comfort atmosphere.

In the living room, the rug is a vintage Pucci.

A typical Renaissance facade. During the 14th century Laudomia’s ancestors were political councillors of the Medicis.

I’m looking forward to reading the Jan/Feb issue of VERANDA where Jennifer Lopez’s California home is featured. The subtle glamour of the interior was designed by Michelle Workman. “Jennifer wanted to go modern and streamlined but retain the sophistication and stylishness. It’s tastefully glamorous, like Jennifer herself” he says.
I personally love the serene colors used throughout the house.

By now it’s not news how the snow storm has hit the Northeast. Kids are the only ones who are having fun around here. The grown ups of this house are keeping themselves warm inside cozying up in front of the fire and enjoying a good hot coco.


Christmas is almost here and I can’t think of a more appropriate time to thank all of you who support and visit Belle Vivir, even when you stop by quietly without letting me know who you are. Without you dear readers I wouldn’t be here so, for that thank you. I wish you the best Christmas and I hope that wherever you are, you feel the peace and love of this special time of year. Please find below a few images of our home. This year we kept things simpler than usual. We did not put a Christmas tree, instead I created small vignettes around the house.

I decided to decorate this sculpture by putting poinsettia between the wings but, as Murphy’s law would dictate, just when I was going to take a close up of my wingy sculpture one of the flowers decided to fall down.

Inside our Art Deco bar. You can see my lovely nephew’s head through the mirror.

All images for/by Bellevivir.

I am a big fan of scenic wallpaper but when it comes to choosing a favorite between geometric or scenic wallpaper, I can’t. While a scenic wallpaper evokes the elegance and aristocracy that no other wallpaper offers, geometric wallpaper can give more freedom when it comes to decorating because, in my opinion, they work more as a uniform background. I love all of these images below and how young and versatile they look

Does anyone know who makes this wallpaper? I’ve seen it used a couple of times but none of the images credit the source. It’s not Kelly Wearstler’s trellis, in case you think otherwise. This is more rounded, while Kelly’s trellis are bigger and it changes vertically from round to rectangular shape.

Quadrille‘s Ziggurat reverse.

Zebra-printed paper by Rose Cummings.

Trellis Background used by Tom Scheerer available at Quadrille.

I’m loving these geometric wallpapers below.

Neisha Crosland Zebra wallpaper.