Month: April 2010

After being woken up at 4 am by a non-sleepy little creature and not having gone back to sleep, all I want to have is a lazy weekend and not do anything but stay inside and call room service, but, of course there is no room service.



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The weather is predicted to be more than fabulous this weekend here in New York City, hence these images for inspiration and a good dose of ideas for your garden decor.  I love this first image where the outdoor space is modern and classic at the same time.  The monochromatic palette of white, browns and green is right up my alley.

modern garden decor and design ideas white eron chairs with topiari-like flowers

Topiaries-like flowers planted in wood square planters frame the way for guest to enjoy the white iron vintage-looking chairs.
Outdoor aea with pergola and lounge chairs

modern garden decor and design ideas

swimming poll with pergola in the back and modern red sculpture

Checkered black and white floor in a couryard with rattan daybeds
 Lorenzo Castillo know how to make a courtyard feel cozy and elegant but also comfortable.  Love the rattan daybed and the black and white checkered floor.

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Believe it or not We still don’t have a dinning room table nor the chairs to go with it yet. I’ve been looking for that perfect table and chairs and so far no luck and the ones that have caught my eye are way out of my price range. So, until that “match in heaven” materializes in front of me I don’t mind to keep on waiting. But I haven’t been resting on my laurels instead I’ve been searching at least for the chairs and even when bamboo regency chairs are almost everywhere I see I’m leaning towards them. Why?  I simply love them.





One of my favorite places in the city is Benoit. The paneled dining room with the cozy red banquettes can inevitably transport you to Paris in a second. But it’s the striking black and white striped bar that hypnotizes me. It’s so incredibly perfect that looking at it could drive you insane and most likely you’ll need a bib. Below are images that I love and remind me of the always perfect, “no-way-Jose-can-go-wrong”, classy stripes.





Image credit: 1, 2, 3, 4, the rest don’t remember. If you know the sources please let me know so I give the appropriate credit, thank you.

One thing I love is the feeling of mosaic in shower floor bathrooms.  I think I would like a combination of marble and texture where the warm feeling of textured wall and the sophisticated look of marble harmoniously mingle in my shower.  Bathrooms with marble on the floors and walls are exquisite and refined to the eyes.  I’ve been collecting images of rooms with mosaic floors and marble walls for my future master bath renovation. I don’t think that is anytime soon due to all the other home projects that I need to tackle before, but by the time it comes I’ll have enough beautiful images to get inspiration from. How about you, do you prefer mosaic for your shower floor?

mosaic tiles floor shower decor
mosaic tiles floor shower bathroom decor
mosaic tiles floor shower decor in bathroom