Month: May 2010

Jacques Grange design in paris

Jacques Grange‘s Paris flat is nothing short of perfection. The classic details of the 18th century architecture sings in perfect harmony with a mixed of Art Deco and contemporary furniture with 18th and 20th century pieces and Objects D’Art. “Harmony is a question of eye and personal feeling; there is no recipe” says Jacques Grange. And he sure knows how to accomplish that to perfection.

Jacques Grange design living room

Jacques Grange bedroom design

Love the view of the Palais Royal garden through Grange’s bedroom where the walls are covered in woven horsehair.
Jacques Grange bedroom design
Jacques Grange dining room design

Some of these images are found in Jacques Grange: Interiors.

I love to get a sneak peak into designers’ world and get to see a little bit of their workspace.

Pablo Picasso in his studio via here.

Kelly Wearstler in her office.

Valentino, working his magic. Below is his London home office designed by Jacques Grange.

Ruthie Sommers via here.

I’m inspired by outdoor spaces a lot lately and these ones do it for me.

Andrea Duff, owner of Strangetrader.

P.S. Below is a picture of how our deck looks like now after the winter. I’ll be working on it on my spare time to make it cozier and more habitable. I’ll be showing you the process.