Global Chic

Nothing makes more a Home than a home that reflects the life well lived of its owner. I don’t mean displaying only pricey possessions but instead making their homes as personal and reflective of their life-journey as possible. Each of these rooms below share that same “collected atmosphere” that says their owners are well traveled and experienced a lot.

Ellen Pompeo bedroom via Elle Decor
via Lonny.

Carolina Irving’s dining room

Carolina Herrera Jr. Madrid bedroom

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  • I so agree with this.

    The last picture is just beautiful. I love the way she mixes french furniture with a hint of arabesc!

  • Quite simple, one of my favorite looks ever.

  • I love personal interiors, that describes the history of those who interact with them. These pictures are lovely, full of charme and anecdotes. XoXo

  • Finally!! Normal bookshelves that aren't contrived or decorated–a little messy, as if people take the books out and actually read them at the dining room table. I love that dining room library. I'm glad to find you.

  • very beautiful.