Month: April 2011

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game”.
Michael Jordan



Enjoy your weekend to the fullest.

Everything about Boho Style is relaxing and laid back glamorous and it gets even better when it’s taken outside. I have said before how nothing inspired more than the outdoors and due to the beautiful days we’re finally enjoying lately I feel such a desire of being outside and enjoying these short days of summer. If I had a big enough outdoor space I think I would go for a Boho style. Yeah, definitely.
The two first images are via Interior Design Magazine and last via Domino.

Chandelier, bench and rattan chair, pillows, platta decking, rattan striped stool, miner’s bottle, hammock.
I almost forgot how fun it’s to make these inspirational boards. To see more go here, here and here.

Chevron floor in home decor living room with tall bookshelves

Chevron floors have been a main part of European Interior Design for centuries.  Chevron Parquet floor with its zigzag pattern brings elegance and interior architecture into any home decor.  Now a days you can find chevron wood flooring in porcelain tiles for bathrooms or kitchens as well.  With this type of parquet flooring you can also create an effect of stripes on your floor by using two different colors creating a very fresh and young atmosphere in bathrooms or foyer as in the the picture below.  Chevron floors can look great in all kinds of home decor from classic interiors to modern.

Chevron floor in home decor black and white foyer
Chevron floors in home decor dining room

In a more clean dining room with chair rails on the walls, Hans J. Wegner chairs and an ornate fireplace the herringbone floor blends seamlessly.

Chevron floors in home decor entryway

A bright blue sideboard and simple lanterns is all this entryway needs when it has beautiful honed finish chevron floor.

Chevron floors in home decor kitchen

Kitchen with chevron patter floor.

Chevron floor in home decor bathroom
 In this bathroom which graciously have a fireplace in it, the black chevron floor adds to the regal and classic look to it.
rustic Chevron floor in home decor
In this room the Interior Designer used probably reclaimed wood creating a more rustic home decor.

images from Cote Maison and my files.

I haven’t found the perfect chairs for my dining room yet so I’m contemplating the idea of just going with the flow and buy the chairs I love even if they come in pairs or single. It’s a no-brainer and affordable way to do it and it’s also a younger approach so the little ones will relate very well to the idea. More traditional people are afraid of going with this more casual look but a safer and more balanced way of doing it is by using chairs of the same color or using the same fabric for upholstery. In the top image the fact that the chairs share the same color, make this room more elegant.

In this case all chairs are the same but the contrast of the wood, leather and metal, somehow give the same feeling as a mix and match dinging room.

This image above reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker’s dining room but in a more modern way. All chairs are of the same wood.

And this last image is simply fun and girly.

 classic wednesday white and blue

Very few color combinations is as classic as blue and white. A combination that has been used since the time of the Ottoman Empire and in places as exotic as Morocco, it’s been adopted by American Design since the longest time. Blue and white is a timeless combination of which one never gets tired, because as someone recently said: “it’s in nature.” That is probably why we never get bored of it. Below are a few images of white and blue rooms dating back as old as 1966 to prove it.

white and blue

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It’s part of the American dream to own an office with a view. I’m sure Corporate America does not think that beauty+comfort and glam can go this well together when it comes to having an office with a window.

Elle Decor

Aerin Lauder’s office via