Classics, Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne

An Lalanne desk

Many people would argue that the word ‘classic’ can only be given to furniture influenced by or, created at a specific style period. I think a classic furniture can also be what does not go out of style and what is coveted and pursued by collectors or design aficionados worldwide, be that art or furniture. François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne’s furniture fall into those two categories; they’re art and furniture at the same time. Pretty much every design lover has seen those lovely whimsical sheep made out of bronze and wool as well as the impressive surrealist rhinoceros desk or bars designed by the deceased François-Xavier Lalanne. Claude, Lalanne’s wife designed sensual botanical-inspired furniture. Even when the husband and wife duo started creating sculptures in the late 1950’s, their fantastic and innovative work does not represent the 50’s style but a unique style of their own.
If you live in Coral Gables, FL Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is currently having the U.S.’s largest outdoor exhibition of Lalanne’s sculptors through May 31st.

Lalanne’s marble chairs at the late YSL’s outdoor terrace.

The bar designed by Francois-Xavier Lalanne.


Lalanne’s cheep also found their way into Hector-German Guimard house via from At Home with Town & Country.

Peter Marino

A Claude Lalanne’s vanity with chair at Mathilde Agostinelli’s Paris bedroom designed by Jacques Grange.
Thee lovely Lalanne’s sheep hanging out.

A very lucky kid doing homework on one of Lalanne’s desks.

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