Spectacular Parisian Flat

 aero saarinen black table

First and foremost I want to apologize to my very welcomed friends who comment on my blog. I mistakenly erased a bunch of comments through my dashboard and I feel awful because I know how much effort and time one puts on leaving comments on others blogs only for them to get erased. I hope I can restore them but it seems impossible. I wanted to make up big time for you so I did some heavy searching last night and I came across this more than spectacular Parisian flat featured in Cote Paris. All rooms share magnificent beam ceilings.  I’ve always admire how the French decorate in such a careless way and how it turns out in such perfection. I honestly think that French invented eclecticism. What’s your take? I promise I’ll preserve your comment this time.

parisian apartment
chevron floor with beam celiming and crystal chandelier
Parisian apartment, fireplace and red chairs

images Cote Paris scanned by moi

9 thoughts on “Spectacular Parisian Flat

  1. The Decorator

    Wow! What a super space!

    I especially love the natural coloured bentwoods and the herringbone floor!
    My fave choice in upholstery velvet is stunning in the red and olive.

    Very lovely!

  2. quintessence

    FABULOUS!! And couldn't agree more – the French (and the Italians) most definitely have a knack at missing seemingly incongruous items for a unique eclectic mix!!

  3. classiq

    I agree, the French have a such an easiness in combining different styles in the most natural way. I love how that first room was decorated: the chandelier, the beams and the glass table create an interesting space. Hope you had a lovely Easter, Julie! Ada

  4. South of Market

    We LOVE a beautiful Parisian apartment and particularly this one. The French have a knack for effortless style (this holds true when it comes to fashion, too, of course!) Their interiors always seem to be just the right mix — never haphazard or overly done. We can't seem to get enough 🙂

  5. kiki

    you're right this space is stunning and i am coveting that dining table with the gorgeous rounds of bentwoods surrounding it!!

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