A Blogger with Style: Greet Lefevre an expert in Belgian Design

Greet lefevre from belgian design via belle vivir blog
Greet LeFevre from Belgian Pearls with her adorable dog Ralph
Greet lefevre from belgian design belle vivir blog

Greet is an interior decorator from Belgium who really knows how to live the good Belgian life and who writes the popular blog Belgian Pearls.  Together with her husband and brother she runs LeFevre Interiors where they create the most beautiful wood panels.  Her home is a great example of how traditional Belgian style can be created today and look as if it’s been around for generations.  Back in 2000 I visited Belgium and I was absolutely enamored with the architecture and interiors.  Belgian interior is all about patina, comfort and texture, hence the famous Belgian linen.  Belgian Interiors are perhaps much influenced by traditional French design but more understated.  Usually, deep seated sofas are used and covered in plain fabrics, either linen or velvet, iron or crystal lighting are often used.  Belgian Interior is the kind that one would never get tired of because its style is so much in synch with nature ( putty-like paint colors, textured walls, stone floors and wood panel rooms, that it’s quite easy to incorporate various pieces influenced by other styles, such as Gothic-like items that Greet shows us in the last image- to neoclassical or even Chinoiserie.  If I ever have a house in the South of France or in Belgium, fingers crossed, this is a style I would definitely go for and I will for sure ask Greet to help me.  You should see all the wonderful and inspiring work Greet and her company LeFevre have created.  Below are images of her gorgeous home.  Enjoy!

Greet lefevre from belgian design


Greet lefevre from belgian design via belle vivir blog



Greet lefevre from belgian design via belle vivir blog

Above is a shot of her Orangery which process she chronicled in her blog.  Below is a Gothic-influenced LeFevre customized for a client.  Stunning!

 Have a happy 4th of July weekend everyone!!!
all images from Belgian Pearls

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21 thoughts on “A Blogger with Style: Greet Lefevre an expert in Belgian Design

  1. Charlotta Ward

    Greet is amazing and I read her posts like a bright eyed student! All that she does is fantastic and she has a heart of gold.

    How fun to read about her here.

    xx Charlotta

  2. Splenderosa

    Greet is almost a legend. Everything she does is elegant and I love her personal style. So happy you featured this delightful, warm & brilliant woman. Greet rocks !!

  3. Greet

    Thank you so much for being part of your wonderful blog! I feel so flattered and I so appreciate it!
    Thank you a thousand times!
    Happy 4th to you!!

  4. Splendid Willow

    I am so glad you are featuring Greet! That girl has style like nobody else (her home is absolutely stunning!) but she is also one of the friendlist girls around. I absolutely adore her.

    I wish that BOTH of you lived closer!

    Warm hugs to you my friend and happy 4th!

    ox, Mon

  5. quintessence

    I agree with Marsha – Greet is legendary in the blogging world – her house, her style, her taste. And now her fabulous meeting with blogging buddy Brooke!!

  6. dollystar

    Adoro a nobreza de seu estilo; apesar da elegância sentimo-nos à vontade caminhando por todos aqueles espaços, ainda que virtualmente! É tudo muito requintado e luxuoso.


  7. mydeco

    she mixes the modern and classic to bring a new look to each room but still keeping a running theme throughout the house great photos!

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