Month: August 2011

 Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog
Chairs of different upholstery color combined with bold modern art says young active people live here to me. 

This home, designed by Jarlath Mellett in Amagansett, screams summer miles away.  I love that it’s airy, fresh, unpretentious and modern without standing too far from traditional design.  Also, the ceiling is breath taking.  Enjoy!

Amagansett Modern dining room Design via Belle Vivir Blog

The bookcases as a background anchor the whole space.  Notice the circular window, such an appropriate nautical detail!

 Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog

Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog

The letters in different sizes is a simple and even easy to replicate detail but it makes such an impact and artistic touch.

Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog

Amagansett Modern bathroom Design via Belle Vivir Blog

Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog

Amagansett Modern Interior Design via Belle Vivir Blog

Amagansett Modern entry way Design via Belle Vivir Blog
Amagansett Modern bedroom Design via Belle Vivir Blog
All images from Hampton Cottages and Gardens

 Comerford Collection is a really beautiful and colorful store in Bridgehampton, New York.  They offer their own line of modern furniture that is handmade by order and can be customized to your taste and preference.  I loved the mixture of modern furniture with the abundance of art throughout the space.  Enjoy!
Love love the sculptural lines of these dining chairs.

All images taken by me!

While walking in South Hampton two weeks ago I went into Old Town Crossing, a beautiful home store with fantastic antiques.  Huge was my surprise when I ran across these more than chic trays.  They are re-editions made in England and hand painted, either sold separately or with the stand.  There is a different style for everyone, as seen below, but equally chic!

I’m sorry for the sporadic posts, I’ve been very busy.   Hopefully I can go back to my regular post schedule next week.  Our TV got fried with the thunderstorm last Friday and we’ve been having surprisingly a lot of fun.  TV is fun and I enjoy it but it takes so much time and presence from us.  Instead, we have developed a few and unknown creative qualities of our personalities that it’s so fun to see.  We paid a visit to Blick last Saturday and bought a bunch of creative materials.  As a result my hubby became an artist and started painting left and right, according to him, we need a lot more art on our walls and he is right.  I’m not sure if we’re going to hang his though! My father-in-law who is a true artist, painted an over scaled whale and with my suggestion, covered it with shells we collected last week along in Shelter Island.  It’ll go on Lucas’s bathroom and it’s going to look pretty cool!
Fortunately or not, we got a TV last night but this time we prepared ourselves and got a surge protector so the much stronger and scary lightning and thunder coming our way this weekend don’t ruin this new TV as well.  If you live in one of the areas where this angry Irene is going to hit, keep safely calm and buy a few board games, and a lot of them!

all images from Elle Decor Spain.

We’re back home and had a wonderful time at the Hamptons and while there I visited the Hampton Designer Show House.  By the way, it has almost the same layout as the 2009 house.  I was thrilled and happy to find that many of my favorite rooms featured, very interestingly the same natural palette.  Many people think only about blue and white and then blue and white when it comes to decorating a beach house. Though if we look in the bottom of the ocean, it happens to be more colorful than the outside world actually.  Or even when looking at shells we can find all different types of colors ranging from black to light beige and many shades of pinks.  We collected many shells while walking on the beach, my husband loves to do that!  It occurred to me then, that many of the rooms I liked were in these shades of color and that’s why I wanted to pair them next to each other to see how well they represent each other respectively.  My favorite room in this year’s showhouse was, hands down, the dining room, designed by Robert Stilin.  I was so impressed with the exquisite and unique selection of furniture that I forgot to take all the pictures I wanted to of this room.  Robert used French furniture from the 30’s and 40’s (my favorites) leaving the chairs in their natural old upholstery.  The chair that you see in the far right corner was magnificent, I sat on it and it was so comfortable!  The walls were upholstered in a graish/brownish seagrass and the clear textured linen shades softened everything up.  This room may appear to many as a little bit masculine but I think it was more neutral than anything else.  I think this room would appeal to a young millionaire CEO who is very forward minded. 

robert stilin design in hampton designer show house dining room
I took a picture of this lighting fixture below and I really felt like taking it down and just run out with it. 
robert stilin design in hampton designer show house light fixture
My second favorite room, hands up and down again, was Salon des femmes designed by Raji RM Associates.  Again because of the selection of furniture.  Raji Radhakrishnan also chose, from what I can tell, transitional furniture from the 30’s and 40’s and everything looked just perfect.  So eclectic and rifined, this room made me want to have it as my personal space.  This is definitely a room I would use as a sitting area in my master bedroom and enjoy my everyday afternoon coffee.

Raji Radhakrishanan design hampton show house living room

I adored the idea of gluing the poster directly on the wall which was framed by the center boisserie.  I love the sconces.  I think a chic room, as this one is, should have some tension and modernity hence the shape of the rug.  A room that is entirely classic and traditional cannot be chic!

Raji Radhakrishanan design hampton show house

I understood the use of the shag rug on the lucite chair but I didn’t prefer it.  I would actually have opted for a completely different type of lucite chair. 

Raji Radhakrishanan design hampton show house
The french pottery below were adorable and the lamp spoke to me so eloquently.
Raji Radhakrishanan design hampton show house vignette

The powder room below designed by Tilton Fenwick was just fun and lively.  I really loved it.  The pop of red against of the green and black wallpaper was just brilliant!! Below is an image found online of a coral mixed with seaweed.   Isn’t that combination just gorgeous!!  The same color scheme found the this powder room. 

Tilton Fenwich design hampton show house bathroom

Below are the images of the Guest room which was designed by Keith Carroll.  I was very interested in studying this room because even when I didn’t love the wallpaper everything was pulled off so well.  Which is in essence what a well designed room should feel like.   The combination of purples, browns and yellows were very soothing and cozy.

 I loved this cozy seating area in the room. 
Keith Karroll design hampton designer show house
Keith Karroll design hampton designer show house bedroom
Keith Karroll design hampton designer show house

The Guest living room was designed by Eddie Lee and I really loved the color scheme also.  This room was in blue, pink and earth tones all in a pastel scale.  I adored the sectional sofa!

Eddie Lee Interior design hampton designer show house

One of the bathrooms was designed by Meg Braff and the palm wallpaper was very Palm Beachy.

hampton designer show house meg braff design bathroom
This vignette by Haus Interiors was very boho chic!
I also enjoyed the very interesting and unique artwork throughout the house as seen below.  How smart and unique.

Whenever I have a beach house I have to get one propeller and use it as art.  This one was used by Meldenson Group on the upstairs landing.

Another uber-cool art used in the second floor of the pool house.  Designed by Brady Design.  What kid wouldn’t like to have an ice popsicle as art?

I think that this men’s dressing room in the master bedroom (below) designed by The Paint Palette would look great as a country home foyer.  Don’t you?

All images are taken by me with the exception of the proppeller (material Girls), second image of Raji Radhakrishman’s room by My Notting Hill.


We’ve been having a great and relaxed time, thank you for your beautiful wishes. I promise I’ll be returning emails next week. Our days have been full of early coffee, strolls around charming downtown areas and gorgeous and romantic sunsets. Just what I needed. I, of course, have already visited The Hampton Designers Showhouse and have lots of images for you next week. Pure delight! I am posting from my iPad and I can’t upload any images to the blog (don’t think there is even a way or an app). But I had these more than appropriate images of blue and white rooms somewhere in the bottom of my blog’s draft and thought they would be great as an improvised postcard. See you next week!

via Photographer Morten Holtum via Una Mosca en la Luna, Mario and Anne Grauso via Elle Decor,