Month: September 2011

 “The important question is not, what will yield to man a few scattered pleasures, but what will render his life happy on the whole amount.” Joseph Addison

 Happy beginning of October weekend!

 Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog

I have come across Yves Klein modern tables quite often lately and thought it would be a great idea to display a few of them.  Yves Klein was a French artist who created this very particular blue ( International Klein Blue) in the 1960’s.  After that he designed a table made of Plexiglas with a glass top and filled with three different color pigments inside.  One with International Klein Blue, one with Rose Pink and one with Gold leaves.  I think the blue would look great in a very modern space but my favorite is the one used by Celerie Kemble which is filled with gold leaves.

 Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
David Netto 
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
Cerelie Kemble Design
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog
Donny Deutsch’s home featured in AD recently.
Yves Klein cocktail table via belle vivir blog

And talking about lucite I put together a list of really good looking lucite accessories and furniture that are a nod to classic in the very chic form of lucite.  Enjoy!

I think this trunk would be great as a storage for a collection of colorful and fancy scarves, I would use these lanterns on a navy blue wall or on a dark upholstered wall as well, a fabulous lucite & cast elephant tusk console table, a pair of 70’s bookcases, The Pasha chair by Pedrali is the perfect marriage between classic lines and modernity, who doesn’t love letters to display at home or hang on walls and finally everyone needs a lucite ring.

 industrial kitchen accessories

Ever since I saw this kitchen at the current issue of Veranda Magazine I was taken by it.  Windsor Smith, the designer, incorporated industrial elements in a classic background to create an open, grand and unique kitchen.  The first thing that caught my eye was the balance scale on the picture above.  Isn’t that an exquisite detail? For crying out loud Windsor, God Bless you!  Then of course my eyes started to get bigger as I was trying to get everything in.  Let’s talk about those gray cabinets, how seamlessly they blend with the carrara marble that is used abundantly throughout.  Oh! and that sconce in the middle of the open nickle shelves, oh my!  Talking about layers, texture and interest, the wall behind the shelves is enveloped in hexagon marble tiles, really?!  Now moving on to the floors, I can see kids coming in and out riding scooters and roller blades and the floors would only get better.  This kitchen is an absolute antidote to boring.  If it were a brownie I would have already ate it!

 windsor smith kitchen sold to paltrow

windsor smith kitchen design

I suspect that we are going to start seeing touches like the balance scale more often and more frequent.  Below are a few traditional kitchen utensils and industrial accessories that I think would look great in any kitchen.   Many of them can be found at restaurant suppliers.

Clockwise, from left top corner, Antique apothecary balance scale at Etsy, Brass balance scale with weights at 1stdibs, old scale, white at Anthropologie, 19th century American wine maker at Urban Remains Chicago, and meat grinders. Below, a Russian antique samovar.

Even when I’m a summer addict, I’m open to experience the beauty and sense of cozy characteristics of Autumn.  As days shorten up because the sun decides to wake up later I know that my daily 6:30AM wake up routine will become less enjoyable;  But I’m looking forward to head outside in the mornings, feel Autumn’s crisp cool air and get all energized up while still feeling an under tone sense of calmness that is only possible to experience in Fall.  Happy Autumn!

The greatest happiness lays in the simplest things, food on the table, a friend we can call, the presence of a significant other, health or maybe simply the fact that we can function.  Sadly, sometimes we oversee this while wanting more and more. 

This kitchen caught my eye for many reasons but especially because of the clever use of the sinks.  I think that having opted for smaller and more conservative sinks, the outcome would not have been as original.  Interesting how only one well planned detail can make such a difference!  Enjoy!

image via Design Sponge