Month: January 2012

Industrial Design is quite in demand now a days and it’s slowly reaching our necks, literally.  In more gorgeous ways than one, though.  Lovely necklaces by Nektar De Stagni.

Good Morning!  It’s a brand new week and it’s full of deadlines to meet.  Before I head out the door, I leave you with these images that confirm that neutral is no longer quiet or inaudible.  It could also be glamorous… Enjoy!

The Kitchen of this week is a no brainer.  It only needs a quick glance to love it; designed by Celerie Kemble, it has a modest-glam meets bare-foot-beach-walk feel.  The distressed wood of the island paired with the brass of the hardware and faucets raise my heart beat a notch.
I’ll take off to enjoy a very rainy weekend, from what it seems.  Have a great weekend everyone!

images thanks to House and Home

I almost forgot to take before pictures of our little one’s bathroom, but this is how it looked during midst of demolition, after removing the floor tiles some of the walls and the pedestal sink.  At that point my light bulb went on and I finally took one picture.  We gutted it down to its bone and re-configured the water pipes in order to install a pedestal tub.  I wanted to create a more of a nautical/bohemian/young atmosphere with some traditional reference.

The bathtub is really deep and spacious and I love how greatly suits the body.  I opted for bright blue gingham fabric for the curtains to bring in some color and freshness.

A few of the framed butterflies were picked by my husband and his father during camping trips when he was a kid.  The awesome faucet is another nod to traditional.

For the floor, I used penny tiles and my tile installer did a very cute border all around the bathroom for more interest.  I designed the custom made vanity with the intention of having enough space to sit Lucas in the mornings to brush his teeth and it’s been such a good idea and incredibly functional.  I adore the niche above the sink and the nautical sconce is my absolute favorite!
You may be able to guess by now that I love niches.

The big scale whale you can spot through the mirror was a piece of art done by my father-in-law from shells we collected in Shelter Island this summer.  I think art is really what tells a story and speaks your heart. 

Photos by Marco Ricca