Month: March 2012

If you have a baby you know they grow fast and you know that the pleasure of them being a baby is pretty much about “enjoy it while it lasts.”  And with all that said, a nursery is not about the grownups, as is for the little ones to come home to a place where they’ll develop their senses, feel cozy, and be happily welcomed.  Here is to the sophisticated parents who choose to think about their child’s happiness without sacrificing style.  Enjoy!…

Love, love this nursery.  The carpet reminds me of this.
Love the retro vibe in this nursery.  I love it that the wood wall is very modern and not so dark. 
This nursery is over the top with a Murano chandelier and fancy curtains.  I think the crib has too much wood but the wallpaper is beautiful. 
Catherine Martin circus wallpaper is lovely for a nursery room. 
Oval cribs take less space than regular rectangle ones but they don’t transition into toddler beds and they may turn a little bit smaller than usual once the baby grows but they are pretty though. 
And finally the very innovative nursery of Jenna Lyons’s baby boy.  This is the room responsible for setting off a rage for striped nursery ceilings. 

This French kitchen is tangible proof that a space with eye-sore obstacles do not scare the French away, not even slightly.  Instead, the challenge encourages them to make the best of it in a “when life throws you a lemon”… way.  This kitchen, with its stone hexagon floor, is not only small, but it has a very challenging, exposed steal load bearing column, right in front of the contrasting modern cabinets that would make anyone’s head go wacky at the thought of working around it.  Even then, this kitchen looks awesome!  It’s full of independent, interesting details such as the rustic beam ceiling, the crystal chandelier, the Luis XVI chairs and that very expensive glossy black  fridge. All pieces, even while foreigners, are mingling together as an adopted family which only grows stronger in love.  Enjoy!

I got back from Sao Paulo over the weekend and guess who I met at the plane, coincidentally, none other than Sig Bergamin.  Remember I posted about him a few weeks ago.  We chatted while picking up our bags.  Amazing coincidence!

We had a great time while in Brazil and looked at as many houses and flats as you can imagine.  I have photos to share with you in a few days.  At the end of our hunt we were debating between two great contenders, one on a 28th floor -I’m afraid of heights- and another on a 14th floor.  No need to say which one we picked.  I could never sleep knowing I’m so high from the ground.

 Costanza Pascolato
 Please God make me look like Costanza when I’m in my 70’s!  Amen!

On another note, while reading and trying to know more about Brazil I came across Costanza Pascolato.  The incredibly stylish Vogue Brazil contributor who is 73 years-old and looks incredible!  Italian-born, she is still photographed on the streets and very much admired by fashion bloggers.  I found some images of her home which is as stylish as she and wanted to share with you. 

“My home is where I focus a lot of my energy now.”  Costanza Pascolato

I want to thank all of those who have sent good wishes to my upcoming move to Sao Paulo and also to the Paulistanians who have emailed me with recommendations and insights.  I truly appreciate it.

Photos by Luis Gomes for de vida estilo

“A person who never made a mistake 
never tried anything new.”  Albert Eistein
“A man who views the world the same 
at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted 

thirty years of his life.”  Muhammad Ali

First image via Pinterest, last via SS

Good Morning bellas and bellos we are in Brazil now, house hunting and I’m feeling the samba and the caipirinhas.  This is a happy country indeed.  Since it’s almost Fall here I got to skip Summer and Spring.  Not really! I’ll be back in the US soon to get things started for warmer and nicer days. Below are six things I would like to have for Spring.

A Citrus tree because spring is awakening, revitalizing, and energizing which is everything a citrus tree will do for your home.  If you like that top picture as much as I do then you are just a better person.  There are a number of websites that sell them online (search for “indoor citrus tree”) and they’ll come up, although, I think the best way to get them is in person at a local nursery.

A Spring modern jacket or blazer because it’s time to put that trenchcoat on hold for the moment.  Really!  It’s a classic, you  know it, so you’ll wear it next year.  Layer that blazer on top of a cardigan and blouse or add an oversize scarf if you´re like me and get cold in a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Espadrilles.  Besides signaling days of sand and beach, espadrilles are also very comfy on your feet.  They’ll be perfect for those flee market strolls.

A flamboyant pair of pants.  I don’t usually go by what others are wearing or thinking, but if it´s Olivia Palermo then that´s another story.  Just by wearing them, you´re already proving your strong personality.  People with strong personalities go far in life!

Anything with stripes on it because that’s a classic that you never want to put on hold.  An umbrella will come in handy for Spring season.

Anna Wintour

A neon clutch because they’re easy to carry and they pop.  Don’t forget your sunblock!


“It takes little more than a few clicks of a mouse to fill your home with objects from distant lands.  But nothing can replace the experience of actually immersing yourself in another culture.  When the foreign becomes familiar and the exotic an element of the everyday, then you’ve mastered global style” Elle Decor, April 2012.

I uploaded this image to one of my Pinterest boards over two weeks ago not knowing it belonged to Lorenzo Castillo; a designer I have posted about a few times over a year ago, here, here and here.  The fantastic renovation of his “Hogar Madrileno” is featured in the April issue of Elle Decor. 

Maryam Montague

And if you don’t know who else was featured in this April Elle Decor by now it’s time to wake up from your hibernation.  Hello, Spring!  The authentic home of the lovely Maryam Montague from My Marrakesh, that is.  “Alas Maryam! what a great job you did, your home is unique and beautiful.  It honors and reflects its immediate mother earth” 

Have an international fabulous weekend!