Friday eye candy

I am trilled it’s Friday and I get to disconnect and spend quality time with family!  Our little one was staying with his grandparents in Ohio for one entire month!  Now that’s a long time!  Finally my hubby went and brought him back home two nights ago.  This weekend is all about catching up with him and playing.  Being a mom is stressful to the core sometimes but it’s also relaxing at the same time because it’s the only moment and space where I truly can be myself without being afraid of being criticized or rejected.  I hope you get to enjoy your weekend!

Cavalier by Jay Jeffers.

Kelly Wearstler design via Elle Decor

Rest of the images via 1, 3 ,4 , 5 ,6  10

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  • I love the food picture. I want my kitchen to look warm and make people feel that they can kick their feet up and ask me for something to eat, lol. This picture just makes you feel that way.