Month: September 2012

Good morning lovely readers!  I’ m happy that it’s Friday, somewhere later
than others but, the weekend starts!  I’ve been a little bit of a busy bee
lately, our little one started school and for my peace of mind he’s been doing
great, happy and excited from the first day.  I finally have Internet of
my own, no more using the generous neighbor’s one and a lot of plans ahead
personally and professionally.  I’ll advance you that this blog is also
going through a transition, like me, at the moment and it’s going to change
hopefully for the best.  I feel that this whole experience of moving to
Sao Paulo has woken up feelings inside me that I thought were only mere
imaginations or dreams.  While I work and organize some things for that
change I’ll be posting randomly.  For now, and until then, enjoy the good
weather where you have it and have a wonderful weekend.

Weather is a bit crazy lately.  Warm one week and then a few days very
cold, so I’m keeping myself warm with lots of tea during the day.  Below a
picture of my lovely Cinnamon tea.

images from Tumblr, Pinterest and the alternative bride.

Everyone knows that designing a
house and making it feel like a home takes many long and exhausting months, if
not years.  So when I realized that I would only have two months to plan,
design, execute, anticipate the smallest details and to think about what we
might be needing in the future, I know that in order to not go insanely crazy,
I had to rely on things that were not too expensive and too valuable but still
good looking.  I don’t know much about Sao Paulo yet, but I know that
things tend to cost three times more.  So where did I go to for basic
things? right!  Ikea.  I was planning to
buy things such as a mattress for our little one, a foot step for his sink 
and so on.  Imagine my surprise when walking around I found very good
looking prints!  God, was I glad, there are an awful lot of empty walls in
this house that will need to be filled. We got the top one by Deborah Azzopardi
for Lucas’s room, of which I will only tell you that it will have a bunch of
stripes.  Yeah!

 The top is a motif by Amelia
Lancaster.  Bellow, Ikea’s selection of Matisse motifs.   We
also got one or two of those.

“I do not want to die… until I have faithfully made the most of my
talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last
small twig has grown.”

Kathe Kollwitz

Images from interiors from Casa Vogue Brasil

Above, my nails with a caviar effect.   I decided to do it only on two fingers, each on one hand to try for the first time.  I loved them!  Long gone are the days of plain and discrete traditional French
manicure so are the days when bravery and boldness were only proven by the first explorers climbing Matchu Pitchu.  Leave it to the nails to show
your inner adventure.  One of the things that caught my eyes in the runways lately were the decorative nails all over.  I can’t wait to try the reverse manicure, fist image below, top left.  Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left, reverse manicure, geometric nails done with Nail Art Pen by Sally Hansen, Adele’s nails with some glitter and caviar nails by Ciate can be purchased at Sephora.

Clockwise from top left, striped nails can be done with nail wraps by Nail Rock or Sally Hansen art pen, Kate Spade polka-dot nails, colorful French manicure and the latest one, velvet nails by Ciate.

  photo above by me via my instagram

Ssh…I’m secretly using my neighbor’s WI-FI, let’s not wake
him up. We finally moved in this past Saturday and still don’t have cable or Internet
connection. Yeah!…so much fun! But God does not abandon a loyal blogger so
after sniffing around every corner of our home for the past days in search of a
few poor bars of connection, I finally found a pair of benevolent ones in a
corner of my son’s room. I think it comes from the kid upstairs. These Net
Generation kids and teens are selfless, good people and highly connected, which
brings me back to the intention of this post and why we should all keep a
journal. We’re living in a time where people don’t look up anymore, passing by
the flowers and the friendly smiles without even noticing them. Parallel to all
the distractions in the cyber world there is our real busy world as well, which
render us with always something to do or think about and keeping us from being
in the moment. I decided to keep a journal a few months ago and I’ve been
trying to be diligent about writing as often as I can in an effort to keep it
and read it later on in life in order to remember things that otherwise I will
not remember.  If you want to tell your grandchildren good and interesting
stories of your life in full color, go ahead and keep a journal.

 My hubby gave me this journal above from United Nations but you can find it here.
 Love this Ikat one ones, here.


I´m head over heels for this necklace above that I found at a jewelry store here in Sao Paulo

This an unofficial Saturday eye candy for all of my lovely readers who, like me, are committing a sin by blogging on a beautiful Saturday morning.  If by any chance you have absolutely nothing more fun to do and happen to be cyber sauntering during  the weekend then this is for you.  Bom fim de semana!

Nothing more relaxing than walking barefoot at the beach. 

Another shot of a home store.  I suspect I´m in big trouble!

Pure Glam!
My coffee standards are way too high.  All I have to say is that I was pretty happy with this one above.
All photos by me via my instagram.