Friday eye candy ” Alittle bit of this and a littlre bit of that”

Good morning lovely readers!  I’ m happy that it’s Friday, somewhere later
than others but, the weekend starts!  I’ve been a little bit of a busy bee
lately, our little one started school and for my peace of mind he’s been doing
great, happy and excited from the first day.  I finally have Internet of
my own, no more using the generous neighbor’s one and a lot of plans ahead
personally and professionally.  I’ll advance you that this blog is also
going through a transition, like me, at the moment and it’s going to change
hopefully for the best.  I feel that this whole experience of moving to
Sao Paulo has woken up feelings inside me that I thought were only mere
imaginations or dreams.  While I work and organize some things for that
change I’ll be posting randomly.  For now, and until then, enjoy the good
weather where you have it and have a wonderful weekend.

Weather is a bit crazy lately.  Warm one week and then a few days very
cold, so I’m keeping myself warm with lots of tea during the day.  Below a
picture of my lovely Cinnamon tea.

images from Tumblr, Pinterest and the alternative bride.

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11 thoughts on “Friday eye candy ” Alittle bit of this and a littlre bit of that”

  1. Karena

    Julie yay for your own internet. I love your images, really lovely. I have been drinking a lot of tea also. Hot or iced depending on the weather!

    2012 Artist Series
    Art by Karena

  2. classiq

    Looking forward to see the direction your blog will take. I'm sure it will be very inspiring. Have a wonderful week and a great October, Julie!

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