Month: October 2012

“Courage is the ladder on which all the other virtues mount.”Clare Booth Luce

My broken heart goes to all the people who have lost a loved one and/or their homes during this terrible time in the US.  New Yorkers have shown their best and greatest side during horrible times like this.  This is when their solidarity and courage comes afloat the strongest. 

photo from here.

You see… I told you there was a toilet!
Good Morning everyone.  I wish my people in New York and its neighboring
boroughs are baring this Hurricane that is approaching the East Coast.  I know
that things that we can’t control is always scary and Nature is one of
them.  Let’s hope God’s hands will weaken the strength of Hurricane Sandy. 
There is one thing I was looking forward to do before our move and that was
having a family photo shoot in it.  I can’t tell enough how much I
love photo shoots.  It’s fun, enthusiastic, and hopeful.  You get up
early in the morning, one of my favorite things actually, go out to get fresh
flowers, set up, get all made up and dress up and have as much fun as you
can.  But, of course the most important part of a photo shoot is the
memories that we captured especially family memories. 
I wanted the pictures to be natural, kind of like lifestyle pictures, and we
were lucky we came across Diego
, a professional photographer who did a great job capturing very
special everyday-moments in a fashionable and tasty way.  Photographing
kids is not an easy task.  Lucas, our son, for instance goes at his own
will.  You don’t take a picture of him if he doesn’t want to, so I was
glad to see that Diego had experience with these kinds of situations and I was
able to end up with a bunch of great pictures of our little one for the future,
which reminds me I haven’t sent the respective grandmas these pictures. 
Have a great and safe week!
When is my bed arriving here in our Sao Paulo home, please?  Hello!

Our cutie pie and I trying to surf in the dry.

Me, myself and I.  Diego
also makes people look not so bad without filter.  ha! an Instagram
insiders joke. Thank you Diego for the great pictures!

Very and pretty well armed, above.
Make Fashion not War!  This selection of fashion here collected has a sole
intention of inspiring those who dare and are confident to wear.  One
advise to those who don’t agree with it, don’t dare tell the one wearing them
because they are well, pretty well armed and you don’t really want to mess with
What were you saying..? Sorry I was
looking at the amazing nails, above. 
a collection of what I would love to have.  Enjoy!

Studded leather skirt, Stud elastic belt, Crown earrings, zip front crop top, Emilio Pucci bracelet, Black bag, Sweatshirt, Stud loafers.

And if you thought it was not going to hit the home section,  I got to
change your mind today.  Now for your home.  An egg studded
chair?  Awesome!  Available here.

Top three pictures from here.

I feel I’ve been absent from my lovely blog for ages.  Our little one
has been under the weather for what’s gone from the week and I’ve been paying
attention to nothing else.  Thankfully today he’s feeling much better and I have
time to share with you what I have taken with me, not literally, these things
were shipped, to Sao Paulo.  I’m very pleased with the things I got in
such a short notice. 
Besides that I’ll start with what I’m the least happy, the rug bought intentionally
for the living room.  How on earth did I end up with a pale beige
sisal/jute rug?  Well easy, these stores never have big rugs available,
they are always in back order and I didn’t have the time to wait for
them.  Nothing, that sometimes you have to do with what you have. 
Let’s see how that works!
When I opened the box of the Lawrence Flush Mount from Circa
Lighting, I ended up gasping for air.  When I got it I had no idea it was
going to be this beautiful.  It is really amazing!

I was lucky finding great pieces at auction for great price.  I
found a pair of this oversized French lounge chair which I got for a very good
price.  They were lucky to come across my fantastic upholsterer in the US
who was able to upholster them in just two days and got them delivered just one
hour before the guys finished packing the truck.  Talking about luck,
ha!  I used the beautiful ikat Schumacher fabric below.

And here, below is the carpet I have no idea what I will end up doing

This handsome mid-century Brazilian sofa was sitting in the back of an
Auction.  Begging to be returned back home and I did it a favor. 
He’ll soon be back home in its birth country.  This one may go in my

And finally the awesome headboard for our little one’s bedroom.  The
fabric is Cap Ferrat by Alan Campbell, Quadrille.  I can’t wait to see his

“There is a harmony
In autumn, and a lustre in its sky,
Which through the summer is not heard or seen,
As if it could not be, as if it had not been!”
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Images via Pinterest

Long gone are the days when labeled front t-shirts were considered flashy or
pretending.  Now-a-days these t-shirts are stylish and chic.  Perhaps
are the names on them that make them a lot more coveted.  I especially
love the Celine Paris t-shirts and the way this lady below has worn it, with
the big junky gold-like necklace, it’s the way to go!  Enjoy!

Who can forget this image above.  Beautiful!
Rihanna is always so chic and stylish in her own rock and roll way.
Buy them Celine and here, Dior, Chanel, kenzo.