Pretty Loaded

Very and pretty well armed, above.
Make Fashion not War!  This selection of fashion here collected has a sole
intention of inspiring those who dare and are confident to wear.  One
advise to those who don’t agree with it, don’t dare tell the one wearing them
because they are well, pretty well armed and you don’t really want to mess with
What were you saying..? Sorry I was
looking at the amazing nails, above. 
a collection of what I would love to have.  Enjoy!

Studded leather skirt, Stud elastic belt, Crown earrings, zip front crop top, Emilio Pucci bracelet, Black bag, Sweatshirt, Stud loafers.

And if you thought it was not going to hit the home section,  I got to
change your mind today.  Now for your home.  An egg studded
chair?  Awesome!  Available here.

Top three pictures from here.

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