The It pants

Some people credit the first “it pant” on my list to Michael
Jackson’s iconic black and white pants, others to Celine Fashion House. 
Regardless of who you want to thank for them and I think we should all do, the ability
of side track pants to make anyone look slender and well-built is

You can dress it up with a lace top and keep it real riding a bike. 🙂

The second on my list is the Leopard print pants.  It’s the kind of
print that when wearing it I prefer to keep it in the dark color side, like the
first one below.  I think that by keeping it in the browns and blacks and
staying away from the yellowish ones it’s still easy in the eyes and elegant at

Love the way both of these ladies wear

Margherita Missoni below, kept it fun
and young.  The cropped kind on her.

And finally and perfect for the
starting Fall season in the US it’s the leather leggings or leather panel pants
which are stylish and modern.  I bought mine a year ago at Club Monaco and
I’ve been rocking it ever since.  I feel like every year I have to write
about leather pants because they are classic and stylish.  

What’s sexier than leather and fake fur?  Below, me, myself and I.

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