Heidi Merrick Fall Collection

Today is an important and critical day in US and I’m sick to my stomach for not being there and play my roll, seriously?  For those of you who think that one vote does not make a difference, you should watch this video.  Go out and make yourself count! Vote!

That jacket on the right; God that jacket on the right! eh?

On a side note I wanted to share with you one of my latest obsessions in fashion, Heidi Merrick.  Her clothes are feminine, chic and modern with a flowing and delicate
influence.  I loved every piece from her Spring 2012 collection but, her
Fall 2012 one got me at Hello!!.  The clothes are made in downtown Los Angeles.  One more reason to love them even more.

“It is a local footprint with a global appeal” HM Website.

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  • I so agree with you, Julie. Every vote, every voice counts. Love the camel coat with blue lapels. And yes, I'm all for local production. xo

  • Julie we must all get out and make our voice count!

    Adore this collection and would wear every ensemble.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

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