Humor for your weekend

Humor is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. Wikipedia.  
I choose to be silly most of the time because sometimes that’s all you need to
be happy.  Life is composed of moments and if we fill them with lightness
of heart and spirit everything looks and feels much better.  It’s not
always easy to do that but, it’s worth the try!  I hope you have a fun and
laughter-filled weekend!

Thanks for the laugh @miianinii and @daempressfifi

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7 thoughts on “Humor for your weekend

  1. classiq

    PS: I hadn't heard about Alexander Wang before you told me. I did NOT see this coming! I guess it's obvious now the direction Balenciaga wants to take. They prove once again that fashion is business. Period. I am more interested in Nicolas' move.

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