In the making

 Above, you can see a tiny sneak peek of a malachite necklace I’m working on (love my gold dipped nails) sorry… I  have talking ADD.

I mentioned here a while ago that I’m working on two small projects, which I hope get to grow successfully.  I have also said before how much I love jewelry and how much I love to create.  That said, I’ve been working on a line of bijoux and a line of prints.  More than anything else I’ve been always an entrepreneur at heart and I realized that I have lost too much time waiting for that perfect moment to do something that involves what I love.  I don’t know more than what a regular person knows about jewelry but I know what it’s in my mind and I know that if it’s there, there is a way to make it.  It’s not easy in my case because not knowing much about jewelry I can’t exactly translate into physical what’s in my mind but, I know I’ll get there.
About the line of prints is done in a computer program, which I studied at NYU for a few months so that I know how to do it.  After designed I color them by hand.
All these happen to still be in the making but, I wanted to share with you my dreams and hopes.  Once everything is ready I’ll show them here.
The bijoux and print line are both inspired pretty much on Architecture and Interior Design.  I hope you like them. 

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8 thoughts on “In the making


    Hola Julie!

    Sabias que el primer comentario que Denisse me hizo cuando regreso de NJ fue que tus manos eran hermosas? y…tiene toda la razon.

    Felicidades por el maravilloso trabajo que estas haciendo, tienes una elegancia y un gusto natural y exquisito.

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