Winter Interiors Inpiration

 Above, Jean Louis Denoit’s home.  I love you Jean!

The days here in Sao Paulo are getting warmer, which I love giving the fact that my favorite season is Summer.  But, that doesn’t save me from missing the beautiful interiors of winter, the laziness of long dark days and the coziness that they conjure.  Enjoy! and keep warm if it’s cold where you are.

Gorgeous paneled mirror wall and banquette calls for coffee.
 So adorable!
 Someday I’ll have these lounge sofas.
It’s all about that Brutalist desk. So brutal! 
pictures from Pinterest and le petit bird told me

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4 thoughts on “Winter Interiors Inpiration

  1. Nancy

    HI Julie! Thanks for coming to our blog! I love your images and that last office!!! awesome. Im really enjoying going through your back posts and seeing your lovely blog!
    xo Nancy

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