Bringing home the Christmas tree

I miss listening to the US Christmas song radio stations.  Every year,
starting on Thanksgiving day there was no other music other than Holiday music
played in my car.  My hubby used to go a bit nutty about it.  Luckily
we have a good collection of Christmas songs in my iPhone playlist that is
compensating my thirst.  Both, my hubby and I miss our families very much
so this year we won’t be spending Christmas home, instead we’ll be spending
it in Buenos Aires.  Hopefully that way the absence of our loved ones will
have less impact in our moods and our Christmas tree will come back home next
year.  Enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Bringing home the Christmas tree

  1. Karen Albert

    Julie I hoe that you Holiday in Buenos Aires will be a joyous one. I know you will miss your families. You can start new memories and traditions though!

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  2. classiq

    Gorgeous photos, Julie. It's hard to spend Christmas away from home, but I guess when this happens makes us appreciate more the times when we have all our loved ones around us.

  3. suzanne vachon

    Thanks for the great C.tree post, it is absolutely adorable and brings back lots of memories.

    Have a Merry Christmas in Argentina, I am sure it will be terrific, hope you will share it with us.

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