Small Modern Kitchens

Carolina Castiglioni home with a cluster chandelier via T Magazine. 
Not many people appreciate modern and clean lines in Interior Design.  But
I think it’s worth a second look to try to understand that when dealing with
tiny and narrow spaces like these ones “less is more” and I’m not one
that uses that term very often because mathematically doesn’t make much sense,
ha!.  On the other hand, though these kitchens featured here are all small
and with clean line cabinetry, they all have something in common that stop them
from being boring.  This unique element is the finishing on the cabinets,
fixtures and accessories.  These smart designers kept things interesting
with finishing such as lacquer, stainless steel, gorgeous marble as back
splash, and a lot of brass or gold accents.  Me like it like that! 
Jean-Louis Denoit kitchen
Athena Calderone home in Brooklyn via Harper’s Bazaar

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  • The details are truly inspiring. Your roundup reinforces our opinion that design is about bringing curiosity, joy, and thoughtfulness to our surroundings.
    Hammered metal kitchen cabinets, how I love thee!

  • Beautiful kitchen. The high ceilings help make them grand.

  • I like the grey shades in the third photo. Using an element or detail that stands out in minimalist design is so refreshing and welcome. xo

  • A lovely post! My favorite is the kitchen in image #3. The wood and gold accents warm up an otherwise cool palette.

  • Very nice design. I loved it.
    A hug.

  • Great pics. These modern kitchens are a must (in my opinion) in small kitchens – the smaller they are, the more clean, modern lines they should have. It's not just from a looks stand point, but these frameless modern kitchens allow more storage and better usage of the kitchen. We ( offer mostly very clean, modern designs and end up doing tons of these type kitchens, in city apartments around the world.

  • my kitchen is small too, i was searching also for some sites that would help me and would give a wonderful tips..

  • Space doesn't matter, no matter the kitchen is small or big. It is all about master kitchen design that makes your kitchen looks awesomely good. Isn't it!

  • Beautiful kitchens that are an inspiration for me to continue projects

  • How beautiful are these kitchens?? I want I want I want
    Driveway paving Harold wood

  • The piece looks as smart and elegant as advertised. No doubt a perfect piece for any kitchen.

  • Going minimalist is definitely the way to go for small kitchens. Love the gold trimmings and finishes!