Statement Necklaces

Not long ago I shared with you that I’m working on a bijoux line.  I’m
also working on a print line and a small part of it is almost ready to
share with the world.  I’ve always loved how a statement necklace could
instantly enhance a simple outfit.  I hope one day I get to design and
make necklaces as beautiful and important as these ones in these
images.  For now I’ll simply share with you a few good looking ones. 

Street style images from Monica Rose, Vogue, Elle Magazine and Lulu Frost tumblr.

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  • There's really nothing like the way a statement necklace can transform an entire outfits. These inspirations are insane! Come say hi and enter my amazing giveaway!

  • Dearest Julie,
    LOVE the last one, that resembles more the Italian style of Giovanni Raspini that I'm selling on line.
    Love the simplicity and mainly silver! The others are for my size 4, way too heavy…
    Hugs to you,

  • Thanks for sharing these. I particulary like the "chunky" red one.

    Did you say you had your own range?

  • I really love one statement necklace! even if everything else is understated a unique necklace really sets the attire, great post!
    xo Karolyn

  • Love the Erickson Beamon piece. -Tonya

  • Love the look. I have a growing collection of statement necklaces…..they can add such pizazz to even a simple outfit. These are beautiful!

  • Julie I adore statement necklaces. I especially love them on a dress or top with simple lines to let the jewelry shine!

    PS I know your dreams will come true!

    Art by Karena

  • I can not wait to see your designs, Julie! Besides my watch, a statement necklace is my favourite type of jewellery. xo

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  • Love that BCBG necklace.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • These are great, there was also fun ones from hm Anna dells Russo collaboration but I was alas too slow. I might look for them on eBay now after this.

  • The red chain necklace is devine!

  • The red chain necklace is devine!