The Oscars red carpet favorites

Hale Berry, boy was she beautiful.  Loved this Versace dress on her. 
She can wear anything!
I have to say that it was kind of disappointing to watch the Red Carpet last
night or should I say pink carpet.  Was it me or wasn’t the old Hollywood
glamour missing from all the ladies so-so-pale and have-seen-before
dresses.  You see what I mean here? When the people we look up for fashion sense
and style used to get us all going ooh…aahh…wow…amazing and then one day
without further notice all starts to fail.  We’re left alone!  At
least all the movie nominees were great and I’m so happy Argo F.yourself won! 
Not only the movie was excellent but Ben Afleck is so haaandsome…! 
After squeezing and more squeezing here are my favs.
Sally Field was stunning in this Valentino dress.  That’s what I like
to see on the red carpet elegance, allure and understatement. 
Charlize Theron looked flawless in this Dior Couture white dress.  Not
a big fan of her hair cut though but she can look stunning no matter what.

Another Dior Haute Couture was worn by Jennifer
Lawrence.  I think I liked the back of the dress more than the front

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  • I didnt catch much from last night, so this was a good jump start to reading about it today. Love the dress Sally Field has on. Enjoy your week! -Tonya

  • Agree with your picks and to them I would add Jessica C. Naomi Watts, Sandra B. but agree it was underwhelming in some cases and there were some that were downright BAD! With all those resources, you think they would do and know better!!

  • My fave is the red. It's a dazzler.

    And you're right. Hale Berry could wear a gunny sack and still look fabulous Susan

  • I'm writing about my highlights tomorrow. I was so happy that Argo won! Why Ben was not nominated for Best Director, is beyond my understanding. That Best Picture Oscar was for Best Directing too, I think he felt that too when he was on that stage. I was so happy that Daniel Day-Lewis won, it was impossible to lose in fact. Overall, I was disappointed with the show. As for the gowns, my favourites were Jessica Chastain in Armani Prive, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner and liked Halle Berry too.

  • Julie I always love watching the Oscars, The fashion and the nominees were exceptional. An excellent year for film.

    One of my favorites was Jennifer Hudson's Blue Cavalli.Another thing that stood out was that women were showing their curves!A great example set for young girls. There were not the skinny/ anorexic looking stars.

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  • These are great picks, Sally Field looks wonderful in the red and who doesn't love Halle Berry and Charlize Theron? Classic beauties. I agree with the previous comment, it is good to see women with curves. xx