A spare black and white space

After the explosion of colors that has been happening in this blog during the
past days, let’s rest our eyes and delight on this black and white space from
Valencia, Spain.  It’s not too serious and harsh even though Carlos Serra,
the designer, wanted to create  a space full of strong personality. 
He added  a few light pieces to lighten up the sober space. 

A sofa upholstered in cowhide skin and the brass mirror are the queen and king
of this living room.  The flames in the fireplace is also powerful. 

The Barcelona chairs play a key role against most of the antique pieces in the
room.  The spare office is perfect for the space with light leggy
furniture that gets their weight from the Empire commode. 

The fluted columns, which they seem to be installed on a tall pedestal to make
them look higher, is a brilliant touch to the white and spare space.
Images via Nuevo Estilo

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  • That mirror really sparkles in the elegance of the black and white.

  • white and blank combination looks nice.choosing color in interior designing is important part.

  • A very elegant space.