Month: May 2013

 Jenni Kayne home

We are driving to the country side this weekend with some friends to breath in fresh air and be eaten up by mosquitoes.  But everything for la naturaleza.  I’m one hundred percent an urban girl but sometimes I like to escape to the countryside and enjoy the simple life although I’m not quite sure why they call it the simple life, I don’t think there is anything simple about milking a cow, trying to grab an egg away from a mami chicken and waking up at 5 AM by a rooster.  All my admiration!  Of course all that would be a pleasure if I happen to wake up in either one of these places.  Have a great weekend!
 Daniel Romualdez via Vogue
 via Riding Pretty

Vintage looking travel backpack available at Amazon

Can I have a summer home with a Wisteria filled veranda like this one?
 Jessica Sailer via The Couveteur
Just amazing, this iron French doors are intoxicatingly beautiful.
Beautiful texture of plates and plaster shelf via Pinterest
Swan Lounge chair by Munder Skiles

The exposed wood columns in this beautiful home designed by Concha Rodriguez has an inviting and cozy feeling that invites one to come in, sit down and possibly ever go back out. 

The days are getting colder here in Sao Paulo where this weekend is a long Holiday.  I can’t help but wish to be in a place like this, get swallowed up by that puffy daybed and only get up to eat.  Although I don’t see a fireplace it is encouraging to imagine one.  Enjoy!

The power of mirror,  right?

Safari style chairs are paired with vintage side tables and a Moroccan rug in a seating area off the bedroom.

A miniature kitchen that is charmingly modern.

images via Nuevo Estilo

As I have mentioned before I love sunglasses not only
because they take good care of our eyes but because they also help cover up our
worst days.  You know those days when we haven’t had much sleep; moms can
you hear me?  Lately I’m loving the comeback of round sunglasses or how
many people refer to them as John Lennon sunglasses.  Here is a small round
up for those coming up sunny days.  Enjoy!

1- Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses, 2- NYE Sunglasses, 3- Nude round keyhole sunglasses, 4- Lennon sunglasses, 5-  Empire shape, 6- Dee shades, 7- wild soul, 8- Metal top, 9- carrington in khaki

S. Russell Groves home via Elle Decor.  Etagere by Paul McCobb
I can only see benefits when thinking of Vintage modern furniture, especially when
paired with basically all kinds of antiques.  Besides being investment
pieces, when original, they help lighten up an atmosphere that tends to look
rigid or rigorous.  And last but not least there is no better way than
recycling when it comes to contributing to the safety of our planet. 
Sela Ward home
Design by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts
via Iiiinspired
Mathias Kiss

A few lovely pieces.  Yes expensive, but great inspiration to go out to fleet market and hunt for similar vintage pieces.
Chandelier, Stephane Ducatteau bookcase, floor lamp, 60’s Italian leather sofa, lucite cocktail table, 1950’s large Italian pottery, Mies Van Der Rohe chaise loungePierre Pauline chair in yellow,

Design by Studio Guilherme Torres

It’s a very thin line from the sublime to the ridiculous
when decorating with pastel colors.  It’s easier to end up with an
adult-size shabby doll house; ouch! than an elegant and refined one. 
Since I believe or hope, that nobody wants to end up down that road I would
only suggest to stay away from whimsically looking furniture or anything too-Victorian. 
And, please don’t paint them white unless it’s a distressed white. 
One thing to keep in mind is Pastel colors are those pale tones on the color
wheel so pale is not only pink but any color in its lightest degradation. 
Design by Kelee Katillac via House Beautiful
via Elle Decor
Design by Hecker Guthrie Studio
Design by Baroness Bruno De Pampelonne