Toward the rear seasons

Here in Sao Paulo seasons appear to be cemented. 
Summer percolates into fall and Spring- did it last a day?  I kept waiting
for summer to arrive to enroll our son Lucas into swimming classes, instead we
had a full version of what is a regular fall and tropical winter
combined. We’ll enroll him this fall which surprisingly has been a
lot more pleasant with more sunny days and warmer temperatures than the actual Summer
season.  Well, that was until today when I woke up to a very dreaded and
cloudy day and… oh wait, is it today that Fall will finally filter in? 
But now that I think about it that’s not possible because this Saturday will be
Festa Junina which is according to Wikipedia “the annual
Brazilian celebrations historically related to European Midsummer that take
place in the beginning of the Brazilian winter.”  Since planning is
everything for the ones living here, I’ll take a few layers of clothes in
case it gets a bit cold and of course I’ll also make sure I wear something very
light underneath in case this very-unusual-Fall decides to filter back
in.  Have a good one everyone!
Carlo Mollino chair via T-Magazine
Lou Marotta via Elle Decor

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