Month: August 2013

The best thing that’s happened to fashion is the
fact that has never been more about personal style and expression.  Long
gone are the days when style would label and stereotype people and
designate them to specific social circles.  I think
fashion has done what reasoning never did, establish the fact that
fashion has played an active role in history and as such a consequence
of history’s many arbitrary actions and inequities.  Long gone are the
days when Vogue magazine was only acquired and
used by a privileged society leaving the people on the other end with
no reference what so ever.   Times have changed, haven’t they? 
Now-a-days it’s hard to distinguish and much less stereotype
who is the one wearing the prints or the solids,
the turban or the hot, the discrete or the revealing clothes, the
ballerinas or the heels?  And I think it was about time.  Have
an excellent free-of-judgment weekend!

Technically a kitchenette is a very small kitchen running along a wall where strictly only the necessary equipments, cook top, microwave and a small fridge, are displayed.  They are usually found in small studios and people with style don’t let the limited amount of space scare them off.  They know that style and good living has nothing to do with space as much as with choices they pick to make their small kitchen look stylish and equally functional.  Here are a few ideas to get you all fired up.  Enjoy!

Funny name, Chanel canvas shopping tote from 2012.   I would assume that
the kind of client for Deauville tote bag is the kind that has many other types
of Chanel bags.  Certainly not someone we would find in the aisles of our
local super market.  So I keep thinking what can possibly one shop with
this bag?  Go cosmetic shopping at Bergdorf?  And you may be thinking the bag is from last year but Chanel never gets old, it’s classic.  Enjoy!

neutral color interior design
Who would I fool if I tell you that I prefer all
white interiors?  Although I appreciate a room with a beautiful color scheme I also love the other side which is Interiors with neutral hue tones.  Which in a way is also colorful only more from the colors found in nature.  To be precise colors
that are not crazy-looking but colors that complement a harmonious
palette.  I happen to like these rooms here because of the simple reason that they have the
interesting complement of earth tones such as browns,
grays, wood tones and some interesting details as metal touches.  Enjoy!
My original print White Origami on blur grey
Julie Paulino Design print line
via Pinterest
neutral color interior design bathroom in white and black and brown mirror
Palace of Venaria, Turin Italy, via
neutral color interior design
neutral color interior design bathroom with mosaic floor, white subway tiles and brass faucet
neutral color interior design kitchen with white cabinets
neutral color interior design
neutral color interior design
neutral color interior design
neutral color interior design

If you are a blogger you should know that the worst way to make a blog post is via your iPhone. It’s truly a nightmare.  My google account doesn’t seem to want to work today.  I get the massage of trying to access an untrusted site, funny! Go figure!  Lucky for me I had in mind what I wanted to post about today, beautiful and inspiring living rooms.  I found the top living, designed by Bamo and I thought that room deserves a post, so without any more words please enjoy these stunning living rooms and have a great week.  Enjoy!

Antony Todd

 Steven Gambrl
Neal Beckstedt Studio
Steven Harris and Lucien Rees 
Catherine Kwong