Month: September 2013

A clean and functional kitchen is many people’s top priority; unless you happen to live in NYC, then the priority would be to be able to fit a bed in the bedroom.  It’s well known that the kitchen is the place where families spend most time, often being a place for friends and guests gathering as well.  Being the busiest place in the house is a smart idea to have easy access to everyday comforts.  Enjoy!

My jewelry line is far from being ready but, every day I get closer and
closer.  I have no idea of the name I’ll give it but, the concept is
pretty clear to me.  Anyone who knows me well would probably guess that I
would inspire on Architecture because duh…
it’s what I most love.   Above all I’m looking for
originality.  I hate when people copy other’s work because I know how
hard it is to make those dreams into reality so I respect that. 

I’ve never been more certain of what I want in my
life.  I only hope I’ve done a good job cleaning my Karma, haha!, so the
Universe smiles at me and gives me thumbs up.  Have a great weekend!

There are many reasons why we all need an outfit
like this one this Fall.  First it’s just chic, second it’s modern so no
one will confuse you with her son’s teacher, third it’s stylish and
lady-like at the same time.  How often can you
put those two last words in the same sentence? yeah, that’s what I
thought!  From my part I’m looking forward to try

orange nails
soon, a
no filter sweater
so people can see my inner beauty, an
unstructured patchwork leather skirt
is modern and also
sophisticated at the same time and I’m just not saying this because it
sounds good but because it looks just right.  A

modern ring
and a clean but
statement necklace
because  they are both good ideas and necessary.  A
more affordable version
of Celine metal plate shoes because frankly
it’s just not possible to afford Celine right now, at least not on
in-season pieces. 

Philip Lim small Ryder satchel
is too beautiful to ignore and last but not least a

fake fur jacket by Michael Kors
because animals deserve good treatment too!  Enjoy!