Month: November 2013

This year while also spending Thanksgiving away from family and home we’re planing to do something different and fun and head out for dinner at a restaurant instead of traditionally staying at home.  Just the three of us and the spirit of Thanksgiving, of course.  We’ll be missing out the turkey, graving, pumpkin pie and so on but we’ll make sure that a few thanks are given over whatever meal we’ll be sharing.  Weather you are with family or overseas, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

A pink coat is obviously not the most practical idea of all and
certainly its presence in your closet doesn’t mean you should relegate
its far more forgiving dark counterpart.  You know just in case of
accidental spilling.  But one of its many attributes is
that pink goes well on almost everybody and it happens to be the it coat at the moment, thanks to Celine Fall 2013 collection.  Enjoy!

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This weekend is a long holiday here in Brazil and we are planning on spending it by enjoying one of the best things Brazil has to offer: The Beach!  We are hitting the road this morning and seclude ourselves in a place where there is no phone, tv or internet inside the rooms, where we are expected to walk up a 250 meter hill to reach our destination (no cars allowed) and where I have no idea how all this simple pleasures experience will work out!  Wish us luck!  There used to be the time when success and full fulfillment was the hardest thing to accomplish now a days is let go of our modern days commodities, being connected… and to be 100% present which is what we are all truly suppose to do.  Have an excellent time wherever you are!