7 stylish daily planners

Now that the holiday is so last week, it’s time to get our hands on a
brand new daily planner and start checking things off our to-do list. 
As much as I like technology and all its goodies, I love a physical
agenda or organizer where I can jot things down. 
Everything from everyday errands to short-term, mid-term and long-term
goals goes in there.  I feel the whole thing of recording goals gets way
more compromising when you assign them due dates, of course it could
also be terrifying.  The good thing about we
setting our own goals is that we can always go back and adjust the
dates.  Just remember to use a pencil!


When it comes to mid to long-term goals I focus on recording down
specific goals rather than random ones such as “I want to exercise more
this year” instead, it’s more about how am I going to accomplish it and
what’s my first step.  Will I set aside specific times
and days of the week? Will I try to bike more over the weekend and so
on? Now anybody can lose focus sometimes and that’s where The Mi Goals Diary comes in.  It’s motivational quotes will keep you on track whenever feeling like falling off the wagon.

 2014 Parisian Chic Weekly Planner, yes please.  This is how all weekly planner should look like.

 For the busy family with tones of after class activities this is the one.
This Crocodile embossed leather planner looks stylish and professional.
 For the Sheldons in your life, this Star Wars limited edition planner will keep him occupied.
Big Apple 2014 daily planner doesn’t show the inside but who doesn’t want to look at that beautiful chaos of NYC once in a while.   

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