Month: February 2014

Fur coats have been used for cold protection since forever, although
back then it was for strictly survival reasons rather than fashion
motives.  Despite being probably one of the most controversial topics in
Fashion it is indeed in its heydays, if we go by its constant
presence during Fashion Weeks lately.  From real ones to fabulous faux
fur options, fur coats are more present than ever in any chic woman’s wardrobe.

Crystal Chandeliers
have always been considered feminine and girly hence often the first
choice of a traditional woman when looking for overhead lighting
options.  They can make
a room look instantly elegant and sophisticated but in most cases can
also make a room very feminine.  If that’s not the road you want to
take, because you are married, living with a guy or because you are
simply too cool, don’t panic, you can still have your
fabulous crystal chandelier without making your guy feel like a perfect
loser.  Here is what I would look for if I were in the hunt for a
crystal chandelier.
Go for dark metal chandeliers, such as antique black metal, black wrought iron and so on.
Get a chandelier without light bulb shades.
Pair it with a neutral color palette or rustic
elements as wood or concrete.  Don’t worry you can still put your
peonies on the table.  You both live there.

I’d like to live int his room and eat in front of that fireplace.

Topshop Unique is Topshop’s runway collection shown at London Fashion
Week.  Their Autumn/Winter 2014 presentation was pretty high fashion
with a seduction of layers, mixed patterns and lots of fur.  Topshop
Unique is well anticipated by the A-list fashion
crowd for its fantastic and couture-like designs at reasonable prices. 
Here are a few outfits that scream “wear me!!”. 

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand

After posting the
designed by Joseph Dirand
yesterday, it’s a rigor to post the rest of this breath taking Paris
apartment.  This apartment designed by him is situated in the widely
popular neighborhood of
Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris and I would say that it also
falls into the “new modern” category I spoke about yesterday where the
design concept is still simple with “less is more” as the standard but,
without sacrificing the warmth and provenance
of the space.  And I’m sure that you would assume that such magnificent
Interior Architectural features as stunning parquet floors found all
throughout the house, extraordinary floor-to-ceiling French doors
providing unbeatable amounts of light, and walls
dressed with elegant ornate moldings, doesn’t need much to be enhanced
further.  Unquestionably though Dirand went on and did his magic by
adding wonderful and sculptural furniture, paired them with top notch art
while keeping the color palette to the minimum. 
The result is a perfect symphony of harmony and beauty to treat our

See more gorgeous Paris abodes

A Paris apartment designed living room by Joseph Dirand

A Paris apartment designed living room by Joseph Dirand

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand home office
  A Pierre Jeanneret desk stands in front of an elegant marble fireplace. 

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand kitchen

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand bedroom

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand bathroom

A Paris apartment designed by Joseph Dirand patio
Photos by Adrien Dirand for AD France via Yatzer.

new and modern kitchen design ideas

The design of the new modern kitchen has forever changed.  The new
modern kitchen is far from the cold, showroom-looking kitchens that were
once considered contemporary.  The design savvy homeowners are aware
that a modern or contemporary design has more to
do with the functionality and use of the space than with the final
(outlook) of the room.  The main focus in remodeling or designing a
kitchen nowadays is about planning and making the right choices to make
life in a kitchen more enjoyable and productive. 
The pictures below show some images of what a modern kitchen design
looks like today.

Five Characteristics of Modern Kitchen Design

A smart kitchen layout 
The layout of a kitchen is probably the
first point of reference for any designer.  Not only it should be easy
and functional but it should also provide a comfortable atmosphere for
social gathering.  This
is the place where we usually get together with close friends and
family to cook, drink and laugh together.
interior designer defines what modern kitchens look like
Durable and beautifully designed kitchen appliances
When selecting appliances stainless steel is still, the first choice.  Not only are they modern looking but they are also beautiful. 
Interior Decorator writes about modern kitchen elements
Family first
Kitchens with double functions such as eat-in area and perhaps an area where kids can do their homework are the norm now a days.
Interior Designer showcases kitchens with modern design
New modern design elements
White marble is perhaps the most prevalent design element in a modern
kitchen at the moment. Subway tiles is a timeless style that goes well
in any kitchen design and it’s constant use makes them a modern choice.
 White, light color cabinetry or high gloss
finished cabinetry is also a very modern selection.  Open shelving,
especially in small spaces, can make all the difference.
Color palette

Today’s kitchens tend to stay away from saturated colors
and prints.  They share either a monochromatic color scheme or a two tone.  I uploaded this kitchen below into my pinterest account 5 weeks ago where you can see not two but three different colors with the green standing out. 

David Gill’s home
Top image Joseph Dirand, 3 via Design Sponge, 4 Athena Calderon kitchen,