White bathrooms with brass fixture

marble and brass bathroom
In this gorgeous bathroom, the wall is covered in what looks like
Calcutta marble, the bathroom fixtures and shower enclosure ring are
in antique brass finish.

One of the most classic looks in design is the combination of white marble bathrooms with brass fixtures.  Of course this is subjective, but when talking about contrasts with harmonious combination, white marble and brass is one of the tops.  Brass is one of those elements in interior design that goes well with many other materials and stones.  For example in these images here included, you’ll see white tiles contrasting with brass as well because it’s not only a more affordable option but it’s also very striking one as well. One of the things I miss the most from home is my white marble bathroom
that we had just finished remodeling.  I covered the walking shower
walls and floor in Calacatta slab and hexagon tiles respectively.  I
personally prefer the golden toned veins in Calacatta marble to
the blue-grey and busier ones found in the more popular Carrara.  One
thing I would’ve loved to do though was to add brass fixtures for a more
classy look.  It’s a metal that I covet all my life especially when the
brass is in unpolished or brushed finish.    
house and home bathroom with small sink and brass
A small wall mounted sink outfitted with brushed brass fixture against
square white tiles looks refreshing and refined at the same time, via House and Home.
white bathroom with marble and white tiles
white and gold mosaic with brass faucets
Tiles by Made a Mono.
white tiles and brass sink
Bathroom with a very global feel in it.
marble mosaic with brass
Mosaic floor and a marble carved tub against marble walls contrast perfectly with the brass fixtures.
bathroom with white swbway tiles and brass
Two types of brass finish, one that looks polished and one antiqued. 
marble sink with brass faucets
bathroom with white subway tiles and brass fixtures
John Derian bathroom
Architectural Digest bathroom with double sink with brass legs
lenny kravitz bathroom with pedro friedeberg chair

In Leni Kravet’s Paris apartment the Pedro Friedeberg brass hand chair adds drama to the bathroom.

marble walls with brass fixtures
antique console sink with brass legs

Love this antique-looking console sink.  The legs and faucets are in what appears to be antique brass finish. 

wood, marble and brass in a bathroom

In this bathroom the brass detail was added to the sink base.  I think it gives the bathroom a more unisex design style, via Architecture Limited.

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