Looking for the Perfect Red Nails

I remember growing up red nail
polish was never for girls, only for gown-up women.  Girls were only
allowed to use light natural colors instead.  Anyone doing otherwise
would be easily labeled as a potential trouble maker. 
Obviously the red nail colors I was more exposed to were darker red
tones ranging from Burgundy to Garnet.  Color tones that still until not
long ago I strictly associated to older ladies.  Red nails are a true
classic with so many different shades now to
make everyone happy and more than excited about painting their nails.  I
personally prefer red nail polishes with orange and coral hues for
their shades being more dynamic, happy and excited.  Below is a cool
selection of Red Nail Polish that will make any
hand look classy and modern at once.  Enjoy!

From left to right, top to bottom, My Chihuahua Bites by OPI, JAFFA by butter, Too Too Hot by essie, Julep Red Carpet Arrival, 300 Military Red by Burberry, essie, Nagellack by Butter, Tomorrow’s Red by NARS, deborah lippmann.

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