Month: April 2014

If you think all ballerinas live in a loft in Soho with bars on the
walls and leather sofas then you may be mistaken.  This beautiful 4,700
sf apartment at the Dakota building in New York City proves that nothing
further than that concept.  This ballerina apartment abounds with color
on the walls, hand painted de Gournay wallpaper, sumptuous crystal
chandeliers and a four poster mirrored bed just to mention a few of its
proving points.  The overall atmosphere in this apartment is a refined
and feminine space with a mélange of 50’s and 70s pieces enveloped in
jewel colors.  The unique design of the space is the work of Interior
Designer Sasha Bikoff.

Photos via Domain and Sasha Bikoff.

I’m loving Chanel late style bags.  The perfume bottle shaped evening bag is especially
chic, fun and playful.  I have always loved everything Chanel but
haven’t felt the same about its classic
flap bags.  Chanel is an iconic brand and everything that carries its
name has a strong identity, principally the flap bags.  You can spot
them a mile away.  I’m happy Karl Lagerfeld is bringing in new bag
design styles as the Boy Chanel and other fun playful
kinds.  I think it targets a younger crowd while refreshing the image
of the brand.  Enjoy!