A Boston Brownstone designed by Nina Farmer

beacon hill interior design

This beautiful brownstone designed by Nina Farmer is located in the chic
and classic neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston.  Surprisingly I came
across this house while at a cafe in Istanbul, where it is law for
every cafe to have a reading section.  It was featured in House Beautiful Turkey.  The decor
throughout is refined and eclectic with a few masculine furniture
pieces.  My favorite area is the entryway which Nina converted into the
dining room.  The walls and ceiling are painted in one uniform grey
color, the ceiling itself is a magnificent work of
art with a center skyline with a sputnik chandelier.  The brownstone
seems to be very roomy due to the size of the kitchen that fits a big
island and a spacious work area.  Enjoy!

interior design in beacon hill

white marble bathroom

seagrass wall paper

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