Month: July 2014

ham yard hotel bedroom

We’ve been in New York City for more than a week now and I feel totally home and happy.   But, since it’s a completely normal thing to be happy where you are and still think about being somewhere else I’m thinking about Europe.  And so this Hotel HamYard Hotel in London showed up in a magazine last week and judging by the pictures and the location, the chic Soho area in London, looks like a place cool enough to stay.  The Hotel belongs to the Firmdale Hotels and if it looks to you like the Crosby Street Hotel it’s because they are brothers from the same mother.  The designer responsible for all these beautiful layers of coziness and beauty is Kit Kemp and her husband the same couple that designed The Crosby Street Hotel.  Enjoy!

ham yard hotel library
ham yard hotel design

Knowing that Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen literally grew up in front of the TV, it is more than understandable that they have an extraordinary sense of fashion.  They are my all time favorites, I even have a full Pinterest board dedicated to them because there is nobody else I love to emulate as much.  Their love for fashion and their popular street style called “bohemian-bourgeois” is admired and copied by many.  At the moment they have a few clothing lines, one for girls carried by Walmart, Elizabeth and James which is a more affordable line than their Couture Fashion label The Row.  Enjoy!

In 2008 The Olsen Twins published Influence, a book with a compilation of interviews of the most influential people in the Fashion World. 

I love the color red.  The kid with a very dose of orange in
it.  It’s a very happy color that brightens up everything around it.