Month: September 2015


While more and more people are showing themselves naked in Instagram, it is a relief and source of inspiration seeing the elegant femininity displayed in the runways of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016.  It was a delight to see the delicate designs by
Zimmermann, Jill Stuart and Rodarte.  A combination of laces, flowers, silk, embroidery were presented in the shapes of flowing dresses, skirt and tops.  Enjoy!



Above Zimmermann SS 2016





Jill Stuart Spring Summer 2016





Rodarte SS2016

We’ve all have found ourselves in awkward situations, you know like when you don’t know how to start a conversation.  If the first thing that comes to your mouth is negative
comment, then you better keep quite.  But for those social ones who really like to
chitchat then here are a few suggestions as of where to start.

After much planning and talking NYFW has two brand new locations.  It’s no longer called Merecedes-Benz but New York Fashion Week: The Shows instead.  There will be a few more cool things such as Fashion Channels and a free Fashion App.  You know just New York
being New York.  read more…

Picasso Sculptures at the MoMa starts on Monday.  It’s an incredible exhibition of Picasso’s 3
dimensional wok with many pieces seen for the first time in New York City.  Many of the pieces exhibited were graciously lent out by Musee Picasso Paris.   Lucky me will be in NY next week so I’ll be paying a visit.  Read more…

What… that you find Smartwatch too techny-looking?  Hermes heard you and it’s teaming up with Apple, or maybe it’s the other way around, to bring you a classic and smart version in one. I better start saving for this one.  Read more…

If you like Broadway and haven’t seen Mamma Mia then hurry up because it’s closing on Saturday.  Forever.  Read more…

Certain things are simply priceless, like when your six year old boy hand writes a note for your birthday and as an extra draws a few penguins because he knows his mami is a fan of penguins since she was a little girl.


All images by me via my Instagram.
Best,  Julie

My dear friends!  I feel I’ve been away from you and the blog for ever.  I needed to take a brake, although never planned it to be this long, to concentrate more on
Tyche Jewelry and my family.  Just a short update about me, we moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Munich, Germany and couldn’t be happier.  Munich’s perfect proximity to many historical countries allows us to travel more and get to see amazing places.  I’m
looking forward to enjoying this side of the world.   At the moment I’m working on
designing and developing Tyche Jewelry’s new season collection and it
takes a lot of energy and time as anyone in the Design business can relate to but, I’ll make sure to stop by and say hello hopefully once or twice a week.  Go out smell the roses and enjoy the last days of summer.

Best,  Julie