Year: 2016

At the most resent fashion weeks, there was one particular fashion-trend that caught my attention for all the good reasons, but mostly because it’s quite hard to not notice a fitted feminine waist.  The Soft Leather Wide Belt fits right on your midriff to enhance the curves that either Mother Nature gave you or not.  I personally love this trend because it’s very flexible in a sense that it can be worn over a simple dress, pants and blouse or even your coat.

 Isabel Marant SS 2017

 Balenciaga SS 2017

 Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini SS 2017

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The world is definitely changing in all aspects of life.  Mostly when it comes to social media and the power that has provided to many.  The world has never been this democratic.  Everyone who works hard and consistent can get to have a voice and become an influencer in his or her own field.  Long gone are the days when only an handful of privileged could buy themselves into such level of exposure.  Many would argue if it’s positive or negative, I guess that would depend on what side you are on.  Many of you may have read the remarks by Neiman Marcus and Vogue about the bad influence of bloggers.  Accoring to QUARTZ,
Karen Katz, Neiman Marcus Group’s CEO complained about how “Fashion shows are now blogged and broadcast all over the world via social media.  By the time the merchandise ships many months later, the newness and excitement had worn off and in many
cases, the customer has moved on.”On the other hand Vogue’s creative digital director, Sally Singer called bloggers who post outside fashion shows wearing head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits to be “horrible, pathetic, and
ridiculous” Going as far as saying “Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop,  Find another business. You are heralding the death of style.”

As a business woman in the Fashion/Accessory industry, I can perfectly relate to the Vogue and Neiman Marcus perspective when they blame the fever of social media and
how much a brand is emphatically pushed into relying on social media influencers/bloggers
to make it in the industry.  If you don’t pay a blogger to wear your product you are left in the dark.  It brings up the question of authenticity, individuality and ultimately real style.   Further I also believe that the benefit of making a name  and building a brand for yourself should not only be available to just a few.  After all, all kinds of success is the result of arduous
and constant work.

Maybe it’s not about bloggers or magazines, maybe it’s time for spectators and consumers to sit back, consider the difference between a real life and an edited one and start
trusting in their own fashion choices instead of relying on someone else’s regardless of whether that’s a person or a magazine.   After all, like Diana Vreeland once said “It’s not about the dress you wear, but it’s about the life you lead in the dress.”

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I’m very excited to reveal one of Tyche by Julie Paulino new collections.   The Modern Fasteners Collection is manufactured in New York City and entirely made of Deox Sterling Silver, a more durable and tarnish resistant silver, natural stones and high quality CZs.  The unique and intricate pieces are available in gold plated, gunmetal plated and silver finish.

Tyche by Julie Paulino/ Silver Jewelry/ Julie Paulino Design

The Modern Fasteners Collection was inspired on regular everyday objects, exemplifying jewelry designed for everyday use facilitating layering, mixing and collecting.

Sterling silver is considered a precious metal and when combined with natural precious stones such as Onyx, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and others the result is classified as fine jewelry.  Tyche by Julie Paulino can customize each piece with your favorite stone and finish.


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It’s interesting to see how sometimes a home becomes sort of like the opposite of its owner personal fashion style.  Ines de la Fressange‘s Paris home is an example of this with its trademark pink walls and very feminine side that stand apart from her more masculine fashion style.   A very bohemian laid back atmosphere.

Ines de la Fressange dining room

A range of colorful dining chairs at the dining room.
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“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take”

              Cardinal Mermillord


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I had been waiting for The First Monday in May to be available on iTunes and yesterday it finally happened.

The First Monday in May Available on iTunes via belle vivir
The documentary directed by Andrew Rossi, the same director behind the film
Page One: Inside The New York Times, chronicles the arduous work that went into the preparation of 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibit China: Though the Looking Glass.   Every year The Met hosts a Fashion exhibition under The Costume Institute department which opens with one of the most exclusionary fashion events; The Met Gala.  In this inspiring and often funny documentary we can see how Andrew Bolton, current head Curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, works hard and under stressful situations to make sure that every single detail is flawless.  Along with Andrew and a massive team from the Museum, we can also see Anna Wintour, Vogue editor-in-chief and chair of the event doing what she does best, supervising every single detail of the Met Gala preparation and making sure that is at Vogue standards.
I absolutely enjoyed the film and found it very insightful into a sometimes otherworldly world of celebrities and high fashion.  The First Monday in May is now available on demand, iTunes and Amazon video.

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