Month: March 2017

safari outfit options

Ever since I can remember, going on a safari has been in my bucket list.  For some reason it feels like a far place to go.  While living in Munich we contemplated going to South Africa but even that felt a bit of a stretch when it comes to travel time.  It sounds funny when we used to regularly take over 13 hours flight while living in Brazil.  Whenever we decide to stop making up excuses, I would definitely take this awesome looking pants, pair them with this top and
these green booties; would not forget my hat and a cross body bag.  For a more fashionable day I would opt for this modern-take-on-safari skirt, combined with this safari style jacket
and these comfortable but stylish booties.  I would carry everything in this Globe trotter suitcase and go here.  Bon voyage.

Jean Louis Deniot entryway the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Jean Louis Deniot design

The color black can elevate the most a simple decor to a more elegant and austere one.  There is probably no other color as classic as black and it never goes out of style.  The competence of the color black has been forever a favorite of many well renowned designers and it has been a permanent and constant choice in interiors as well as in fashion.  No wonder black is well known as Cristobal Balenciaga’s preferred color as it’s demonstrated by the exhibition ‘Balenciaga, L’Ouvre ou Noir’ (All in Black) taking place at Palais Galliera in Paris now.  It’s neutrality provides the flexibility of being paired with almost any other hue in the rainbow.  Either employed as a simple accent such as a decorative object or for
covering all the walls in a room the effect of black in interiors is strictly elegant and timeless.

entryway with antique mirror and chandelier the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Entry way via Architectural Digest.  Can you picture a colorful sideboard here instead? Neither can I.
black chairs with brass table the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
The Louis XVI looking chairs are painted black bringing out the black on the ceiling pendant and art.
barble bathroom with black tub the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Love the contrast of the black freestanding tub against the marble wall.  Design by Alessandra Branca
black bookcases with navy blue sofa
Black bookcases in this space enhances the mood of the room.
black and white living room with hugo guinness print the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
black and white modern entryway the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
A bold and modern entryway by Kelli Wilde and Laurent Champeau.
Mathilde Agostinelli living room the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Jacques Grange loves to incorporate small doses of black.
Jean Louis Deniot living room with fireplace and van der streaten mirror the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
A black Herve Van Der Streaten mirror, black steel settee, black doors and black sculpture at a Jean Louis Deniot design.
joseph dirand living room with black chair the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Joseph Dirand
albert hadley living room vignette the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Albert Hadley made constant use of black in his beautiful interiors.
marie chantal miller entryway home the use of black in interiors via belle vivir blog
Marie Chantal Miller London’s home.  I recently read in a book that this floor was landmarked.  Is it cheating if I copy them?

black shiplap in a barhoom
 Dark-painted shiplap in this powder room gives it a cozy feeling.

It took a while for urban dwellers to get caught up with shiplap.  Thanks to Joanna and Chip of HGTV‘s show Fixer Upper, lately everyone seems to love a room with shiplap.  Either painted or left unfinished in the color of the wood the effect of a wall in shiplap can bring texture and interest to a room.  It can make a room appear bigger if the boards are installed horizontally.  I personally love it when there is a little more space left between them as the shadows create the illusion of more pronounced lines making great contrast.  Definitely, shiplap has thought us the notion that “darn, country can be chic.”  The traditional shiplap boards have a rabbet on each elongated side to overlap one another.  But either you use the
original or you decide to use plain, straight wood boards and nail it next to each other the final visual effect is pretty much the same.  Actually the latter one could be also very eco-friendly if you decide to use reclaimed wood.
shiplap in bathroom
 I love everything in this bathroom, from the graphic floor tiles to the concrete countertops.  Design by Daleet Spector via House Beautiful.
shiplap wall in kitchen
 The non painted shiplap in this kitchen makes for a strong statement focal point.  The stone is Bianco Macaubus quartzite. Design by Old Seagrove Homes.
mud room with vertical shiplap
bunk beds covered with shiplap
steven gambrel living room with shiplap
 Steven Gambrel used vertical shiplap in this Sag Harbor home giving the height of the room a more human scale.
staircase with shiplap
 This is probably my favorite use of shiplap I’ve seen.  I think covering the walls of this stair case makes such a beautiful architectural touch.
jib door bathroom with shiplap
 A clever jib door is covered in shiplap.  via Atlanta Homes
bedroom with shiplap
 Love the contrast of the upholstered velvet headboard and shiplap in this bedroom.
jeffrey alan marks bedroom
 In this beach house designed by Jeffrey Alan Marks the shiplap on the vaulted ceiling make the room appear bigger.
kitchen design covered hood with shiplap
A great idea to cover the range hood with shiplap.

I thought it was about time for a post about 2017 Home Decor Trends since it is already April, yes time is flying and so are some excess in design that are saying “boy bye”.  This list is solely based on my perspective, a result of my own market research, so let’s get to it.

6 Home Decor Trends You Will See in 2017

country minimalist kitchen
A More New-Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchens for 2017 are going to be more minimalist looking, but more efficient and smarter with smarter retractable/folding appliances and furniture that will provide more charging options for our smart devices.  Aesthetically speaking we’ll see more earthy tone woods used for cabinetry and on hoods.  Covered range hoods will also be big this year.

home trend faux finishes
Beautiful wall painted by artist Florence Girette. Design by Jean Louis Deniot
Faux Wall Painted Finishes

We are not talking here about that silly Tuscany-want-to-be wall faux paint technique from the 80’s.  This is a way more sophisticated technique where the outcome can resemble the appearance of marbleized walls.  These faux finishes are also going to translate
onto materials and finishes such as counter tops in the form of quartz.  Something that’s is not exactly new, but the perception of it is changing.  People are opting for other finishes that look almost like the real deal at a fraction of the price and are not feeling shy about it.

home trend neutral tones
Neutrals tones

Many are forecasting more jewel tones.  I think we’ll see more white interiors.  White walls and white bathrooms and so on. There will also be grey in many different shades, thank God, as well as earthy tones.  A more natural approach to decorating.

More European Accents
As a new effort to keep things natural, we’ll see more wood accents in the forms of wood ceiling beams in kitchens and wood accent walls.  There will be more herringbone and or chevron floors.  We’ll also see more moldings to enhance the interior architecture.
Sculptural lighting

You may have caught up on this one already by now.  You are probably seeing more of the new type of lighting use lately where they more sculptural and less traditionally looking.  Crystal chandeliers are going to be put on hold for this year or at least relegated for a more country look.  Sophisticated urban abodes will opt for sculpted lighting.

Robotic Devices

Remember the times when movies used to scare us of the future where everything from your coffee machine to cook top was controlled by a smart source.  Well cringe no more, the time is here and in 2017 our home will be so connected that we’ll start looking like robots.  Hopefully our feelings won’t be affected.  Google Home, Alexa and other types of smart-home technology will give us the flexibility of controlling every step of our daily routine so we can all focus more on, well our smartphones.