American Kitchen vs European Kitchen

It should not take you by surprise the fact that Americans love to collect, thus their love for big kitchens with lots of cabinets.  European kitchens on the other hand tend to be smaller for the reason that Europeans tend to buy only and mostly for current consumption, instead of buying and freezing food for weeks.  Americans love functionality and comfort, Europeans love simplicity and no hustle.  Kitchens in America usually have big room pantries where they stack up on all kinds of food.  On the aesthetic side, Europeans gravitate towards no upper cabinets perhaps as a reflection of their more simple lifestyle.

European Kitchens
studio razavi european kitchen
A kitchen designed Studio Razavi
black and white floor in kitchen design
chevron floor in joseph dirand kitchen
Joseph Dirand.  To see more of his amazing home click here.
kitchen with white marble countertop and chevron floor
A kitchen designed Maison Hand design
studio ko kitchen
spanish style kitchen
Nuevo Estilo
American Kitchens
steven gambrel kitchen with wood color cabinets
black and whtie kitchen with high gloss cabinets
black and white kitchen by Steven Gambrel
american kitchen style
miles redd kitchen
A very American kitchen by Miles Redd
darryl carter kitchen
 Kitchen design by Darryl Carter

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