The 6 Home Decor Trends You Will See in 2017

I thought it was about time for a post about 2017 Home Decor Trends since it is already April, yes time is flying and so are some excess in design that are saying “boy bye”.  This list is solely based on my perspective, a result of my own market research, so let’s get to it.

6 Home Decor Trends You Will See in 2017

country minimalist kitchen

A More New-Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchens for 2017 are going to be more minimalist looking, but more efficient and smarter with smarter retractable/folding appliances and furniture that will provide more charging options for our smart devices.  Aesthetically speaking we’ll see more earthy tone woods used for cabinetry and on hoods.  Covered range hoods will also be big this year.

home trend faux finishes

Beautiful wall painted by artist Florence Girette. Design by Jean Louis Deniot

Faux Wall Painted Finishes

We are not talking here about that silly Tuscany-want-to-be wall faux paint technique from the 80’s.  This is a way more sophisticated technique where the outcome can resemble the appearance of marbleized walls.  These faux finishes are also going to translate
onto materials and finishes such as counter tops in the form of quartz.  Something that’s is not exactly new, but the perception of it is changing.  People are opting for other finishes that look almost like the real deal at a fraction of the price and are not feeling shy about it.

home trend neutral tones

Jeffrey Bilhuber design.

Neutrals tones

Many are forecasting more jewel tones.  I think we’ll see more white interiors.  White walls and white bathrooms and so on. There will also be grey in many different shades, thank God, as well as earthy tones.  A more natural approach to decorating.

home trend european floors

Nate Berkus Design

More European Accents

As a new effort to keep things natural, we’ll see more wood accents in the forms of wood ceiling beams in kitchens and wood accent walls.  There will be more herringbone and or chevron floors.  We’ll also see more moldings to enhance the interior architecture.

home trend sculptural lighting

Apparatus Lighting

Sculptural lighting

You may have caught up on this one already by now.  You are probably seeing more of the new type of lighting use lately where they more sculptural and less traditionally looking.  Crystal chandeliers are going to be put on hold for this year or at least relegated for a more country look.  Sophisticated urban abodes will opt for sculpted lighting.

Amazon Echo in white

Robotic Devices

Remember the times when movies used to scare us of the future where everything from your coffee machine to cook top was controlled by a smart source.  Well cringe no more, the time is here and in 2017 our home will be so connected that we’ll start looking like robots.  Hopefully our feelings won’t be affected.  Google Home, Alexa and other types of smart-home technology will give us the flexibility of controlling every step of our daily routine so we can all focus more on, well our smartphones.


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