The Allure of Painted Floors: Graphic and Patterned Floor Ideas

A very uncompromising way to bring pattern and personality into your home decor is by painting your floors in a graphic pattern.  Painted floors are perhaps the easiest way to change and enhance the interior design of your home.  There is a plethora of design pattern to choose from and it’s for sure a much more economical way to change your flooring as well as it avoids the hassle of replacing old floors.  From simple chevron to more intricate parquet patterns painted of wood floors to more elaborate antique inspired tiles painted on concrete floors, these images below will for sure inspire you to bring the allure under your feet.

wood floor painted in grey and white maze pattern

In this dining room, the wood floor was painted in geometric grey and white maze pattern.  The decor in this home shows a perfect juxtaposition in a modern interpretation of neoclassical style.  Love the amazing detail of the upholstered door.

beach bedroom painted in hexagon pattern on wood floors
In this tropical bedroom in Antigua the wood floor was painted in different shades of blue.

black and white painted floors and de gournay wallpaper
An entryway with graphic black and white geometric painted wood floors by Mary McDonald
antique hand peinted concrete floors
A more traditional pattern design was painted on concrete floor. Via Elle Decor
kitchen with terra cotta floor painted in black

Wood floors may be the first thing that comes to mind when we hear of
painting floors but as you can see in the kitchen above, tiles can also be painted and immediately transform a country-style kitchen’s
terra cotta floor into an urban-style kitchen with black floor.

wood floor painted in balck and white honeycomb pattern
Bold and graphic, black and white honeycomb pattern painted floor.  Design by Eric Cohler.
chevron painted on wood floor
Chevron pattern painted on wood floor is an easy and faster way to upgrade any room in your home.
wood floor painted in parquet design
A more money saving option to get the look of parquet flooring design.  Alex Papachristidis painted the entrance to this home in a more modern interpretation of parquet floors.
graphic patterned floor ideas
Using stencils to paint your floors is easier to execute than creating the design from scratch.  Design by Sara Story
artistic strokes painted on black glossy floors
A more artistic painted floor.  Design by Catherine Kwong

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